Zyppah- the new device that can help stop snoring

Stop snoring with Zyppah.

You have probably heard the commercials with ‘Jimmy’ the New Yorker who says that continuing to snore or allowing someone to continue snoring is ‘disrespectful’. Zyppah is here to help fix that! We will take a look and see what exactly a Zyppah device is and how will it help you stop snoring?

Let’s take a look at snoring-

Occasional snoring happens to most people and is generally only a nuisance to those around you trying to sleep. Chronic snoring is another matter and can lead to long-term health (and perhaps relationship) problems.

The tongue is the root cause of snoring; it blocks your airway. A blocked or partially blocked breathing airway is what causes snoring. A Zyppah device helps prevent that from happening.

Common causes of snoring include:

  • Mouth Anatomy: people with long or soft palate, larger uvula, enlarged tonsils, or extra tissue in the back of their mouth are subject to snoring.
  • Nasal Problems: Congested nasal passages caused by a cold, or allergies can block the nasal passage and cause snoring
  • Body Weight: fat can build up around the throat, narrowing your airway.
  • Alcohol consumption: Alcohol relaxes your throat muscles during sleep, obstructing your airway. Prescription drugs or sleeping pills can also cause this.
  • Sleep Apnea: Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) is a serious condition that causes the throat tissues to completely block your airway, preventing you from breathing for 10 seconds or longer.

Snoring, especially that caused by OSA, can cause or be a symptom of a number of serious medical conditions and side effects including:

  • High Blood Pressure
  • Thickening of the Heart Muscle (ventricular hypertrophy)
  • Irregular heartbeat (arrhythmia)
  • Insomnia
  • Fatigue and low energy

A Zyppah device can help stop snoring, allowing you and anyone sleeping near or with you to get a better and more fulfilling night’s sleep.

However, if you have been diagnosed with a serious sleep disorder like OSA, you need to check with your doctor, as the Zyppah device is not sold as a substitute for conventional OSA treatments.

Zyppah was developed by Dr. Jonathon Greenburg, a dental sleep professional and sleep apnea expert. Dr. Greenburg graduated from NYU Dental School in 1981. He is involved in the Sleep Apnea Prevention Project. Additionally, he operates 5 ‘Snore No More’ dental clinics with two partners in California.

Zyppah Device

Zyppah Device to help stop snoring

How does Zyppah work?

The Zyppah device goes directly to the root of your snoring, the tongue, and prevents it from blocking your airway. Zyppah uses a tongue strap, like a seat belt for your tongue, to prevent the tongue from blocking your airway. Additionally, Zyppah is device that juts your jaw forward, hence creating a clearer airway.

The most common strategies for stopping snoring are tongue restraint and Mandibular advancement. This device is a hybrid.  As a result, it does both by:

  • supporting your tongue to open your airway
  • advancing your lower jaw
  • providing superior comfort.

Based upon reviews and the Zyppah website, there are a number of advantages this device has over competitors or similar type products.

  • One of the Zyppah devices advantages is that it has an easy to do custom fitting process that is done at home. (your device can be re-molded up to 3 times)
  • Because you customize it’s fit at your home when it arrives, it is quick and easy to start using- no back and forth with molds to the manufacturer.
  • Zyppah is made from high quality and more comfortable plastics and is manufactured right here in America, and is free of BPA and is hypoallergenic.

Listen to Jimmy and be ‘respectful’ of your sleeping partner. Get a better, more comfortable and restful nights sleep yourself. Look in to the Zyppah device as a solution to your pesky snoring problems.

Sealy Optimum Collection

Sealy Optimum Collection-

The latest offering from Sealy in to the Memory Foam Gel mattress market is the Optimum Collection, which features OptiCool Gel Memory Foam, presenting the idea that “Sleep is Optimum”.  OptiCool is the only gel memory foam to be fused with Outlast, which is more effective at removing excess heat than standard gel memory foam alone.  The Sealy Optimum Collection is an expansion of the Sealy Posturepedic Optimum mattress that was launched in June of 2012. 

The Sealy Optimum Collection of gel memory foam line works to combat one of consumers’ top complaints with memory foam mattresses – sleeping ‘hot’.  It does this by drawing excess heat away from the body for a deeper, more restful sleep.  The OptiCool gel memory foam is 12 times more effective than standard memory foam or gel memory foam.

Sealy Optimum mattresses are also designed to minimize Motion Transfer.  Just because your partner moves at night, doesn’t mean you should.  Optimum is designed to absorb motion, creating a calm, stable sleeping environment that lasts all night.

Sealy Optimum Collection Models-

The Sealy Optimum Collection consists of the following models, all offering a different and unique OptiCool gel memory foam experience:

Destiny– Starting at $1299 for a Queen Set, the Destiny mattress features 2” of OptiCool Gel Memory Foam, the only gel memory foam on the market fused with OUTLAST, which is more effective at removing excess heat.  OUTLAST material is used in high performance outdoor gear and footwear for superior temperature regulation.   With the Sealy Optimum Destiny model you also get 1” OptiSense Memory Foam- a layer of body hugging, contouring material that conforms to your body’s unique shape and weight, creating the feeling that your mattress was made just for you.  Underneath the OptiSense layer is the patented Sealy OptiCore.  This layer is a firmer section at the bottom of the mattress, which provides a deeper level of support.  The foundation piece is the Optimum Foundation, designed for durability and to extend the comfort life of your mattress.

sealy optimum destiny mattress

Sealy Optimum Destiny Mattress

Radiance- Starting at $1699 for a Queen Set, the Radiance also features  2” of OptiCool Gel Memory Foam, featuring OUTLAST.  In addition to the OptiCool, the Radiance gives you 2” of the body hugging, contouring material OptiSense Memory Foam, for an eve more unique feel.  There is also the 6” OptiCore and Optimum Foundation for the durability and life you expect from your Sealy Optimum mattress.

Inspiration- Starting at $1999, the Inspiration takes the comfort level up a notch.  In addition to the 2” OptiCool Gel Memory Foam layer, fused with the OUTLAST material; the Optimum Inspiration brings you 3” of OptiSense body hugging and contouring Memory foam.  This all rests on the 6” OptiCore Plus layer, a firmer section which provides a deeper level of support as well as reinforced edge for a solid seating surface.  This rests atop the Optimum Foundation.

Vibrant- Starting at $2499 for a Queen Set, the Vibrant kicks up the comfort level another step.  Starting with 2” of OptiCool Gel Memory Foam, the only gel memory foam on the market to be fused with OUTLAST, Sealy adds 4” of OptiSense Memory Foam, the body-hugging contour forming for your body’s unique shape and a feeling the mattress was made just for you.  A 6” OptiCore Plus layer sets a firmer section on the bottom of the mattress for a deeper level of support as well as a reinforced edge for a solid seating surface.  Sealy Optimum Vibrant finishes off setting atop an Optimum Foundation designed for durability and an extended comfort life of your mattress.

Elation- Sealy Optimum Elation is the next option in the line, starting at $2999 for a Queen Set.  Like the other mattresses, the Vibrant has 2” of OptiCool Gel Memory Foam, fused with OUTLAST for a heat-managed environment.  5 full inches of OptiSense Memory Foam provides the body hugging and contour shaping comfort to let you feel like the mattress was made especially for you and helps absorb motion transfer when your sleeping partner moves during the night.   All this sits on a 6” layer of OptiCore Plus, a firm section at the bottom of the mattress, providing a deeper level of support was well as reinforced sides for a solid seating surface.  Of course this system sits on the Optimum Foundation for durability and extended comfort.

sealy optimum elation

Sealy Optimum Elation Mattress

Desire- The Sealy Optimum Desire is the ultimate in cool gel memory foam technology that Sealy brings you.  Starting at $3799 for a Queen Set, the Desire has 2” of OptiCool Gel Memory Foam and 1 “ OptiSense body hugging Memory foam in it’s Pillow Top.  Below that is another 1” layer of OptiCool Gel Memory Foam(featuring OUTLAST).  Next you get another 3” of OptiSense memory foam for a body hugging, contour material that forms to your bodies unique shape and weight for that ‘made for you’ mattress feeling.  This memory foam bliss is atop a 6” OptiCore Plus layer for a firmer bottom section to provide a deeper level of support as well as a reinforced edge for a solid seating surface. 

All of the Sealy Optimum Mattress collection models can be partnered with the Optimum Reflexion Powerbase.  The Optimum Reflexion Powerbase is an adjustable base featuring Dual ‘Wave’ Massage with 3 programmed settings, a wireless hand remote, and an under bed ‘night light’.

The Sealy Optimum Mattress collection increases the stakes in the Cool Gel Memory Foam market, raising the bar for what is offered by the mattress manufacturers and for what you the consumer can expect in the areas of comfort and temperature management.

Sleeping in Hot Weather

Sleeping in Hot Weather

With the heat wave in the West and more to come this summer across the nation, it seems like a good idea to talk about sleeping in hot weather.  Getting a good night sleep is always important and it becomes more difficult when you have to try and sleep in conditions you are not used to.  Sleeping in hot weather can make it more difficult to fall asleep, stay asleep and get a restful night.  If you are one of the people who have trouble sleeping anyway, the added heat can make it even more difficult to get the rest you need.

sleeping in hot weather

Sleeping in hot weather

Air conditioning is one way to stay cool if you do a lot of sleeping in hot weather, but in the Northwest (Seattle, Portland, etc) most houses don’t have air conditioning, it’s just generally not needed.  One solution would be to stay a few nights in a hotel that offers A/C, but let’s face it- for most of us that is not feasible, either do to cost, logistics or both.  In lieu of A/C or a Hotel we will take a look at some other tricks and options to help make sleeping in hot weather a bit easier.

Use a Fan:

Most people think a fan will just circulate warm air that is already in the room, while this is true, you can increase the amount of cooler air circulated by opening a window and placing the fan at floor level. Colder air falls to the floor, and hotter air rises to the ceiling making it more effective to circulate cooler air.  I also just like the feeling if the air as it blows over me when I use my fan that has an oscillating head.

Ice Melting:

When ice melts you get a vapor.  An effective way to cool a room is melt some ice in a bowl of cold water.  Vapor from the ice enters the air and get circulated by a fan placed nearby.

fan blowing over ice water

Use a Fan Blowing over Ice Water

Cold Compress:

A wet washcloth, hand towel or cloth napkin can be soaked in cold water, then wrung out and placed on your forehead, face, shoulders, whatever makes you fell better.  It is said they work well when placed on your feet.  One variation of this I used in college when sleeping in hot weather was to put my pillow in the freezer for a few minutes then take it out and hope I fell asleep before it heated back up.

Keeping your feel Cool:

One way to reduce your overall body temperature when it’s really warm is to keep your feet cool.  Heat rises in your body like it does in the air.  A way to keep your body cooler is to keep your feet cool- wrap your feet in a cold compress and this will help your body stay cooler.

Cold/Lukewarm Baths and Showers:

Another method for sleeping in hot weather is to have a cold shower or bath and then lie atop your bed on a towel.  Cold baths and showers help bring the overall body temperature down and can help keep it lowered for a fair amount of time.

Water Sprays:

Using and old spray bottle (or buying a new one at the store), you can fill it with cold water or ice water and use it to spray on your face and body as you lie in bed.  The cool mist will help cool you down and make you more comfortable as you try to get to sleep or back to sleep.

Sleep in the Basement:

In my house, the basement (lower family room), or any room below grade is typically the coolest room in the house.  If you have an extra bed, inflatable mattress or comfortable couch down there it may well be the most comfortable place in your home for sleeping in hot weather.

Open your Windows:

As the sun goes down, the air temperature outside your home may well be lower than the air temperature inside your home.  Open some of your windows to create a breeze that flows through the house bringing in the cooler air and pulling the warmer air out.

Luckily we in the Northwest don’t have to worry so much about sleeping in hot weather.  We don’t experience too many of these really hot and uncomfortable days, so these short term solutions work and we are soon usually back to our more common moderate temperatures and don’t need to worry about sleeping in hot weather.  If you are in an area that has a warmer environment, and don’t want to or just can’t afford to get air conditioning, I hope these tips and tricks allow you some relief and better sleep.