Consider an Air Mattress

Air Mattress options-

Air Mattress?  Yes, an air mattress.  The team at We Know Mattresses continues our series on mattress basics.  An Air Mattress is no longer just the one you keep in the attic or closet and pull out to go camping, during the holidays, or when the family or a guest comes to visit.

The Modern Air Mattress:

Advances in technology over the last few decades have brought the air mattress and to the forefront of the industry.  In 1981, Comfortaire began manufacturing and marketing an air mattress that looked and performed like a conventional mattress (innerspring), but allowed for adjustable firmness. Today the Air mattress is more durable than ever before and provides a fully adjustable range of support and comfort.  An air mattress can now be considered a legitimate alternative to innerspring coil and foam mattresses; they now look and feel like a traditional mattress.

The modern air mattress has an inner core of support, but instead of metal coils, the support comes from air contained in specially designed chambers.  The core is molded out of vulcanized rubber, giving the mattress the strength and durability to support the sleepers weight.  The sleeper can adjust the support to fit their taste through the use of a remote control that adds or releases air via an electric pump.  The air mattress can be made as soft or as firm as the sleeper desires, depending on their mood or how their body feels from day to day.  Air mattresses even allow for different levels of support for each separate side of the bed.  Sleep number beds use the split core air mattress technology allowing for different levels of support to fit each sleepers preference.

Air Mattress choices:

Air mattress choices come in a variety of models ranging from 7 inch high varieties at the more modest end of the scale to deluxe options that are 15 inches deep and contain several types of foam, pillow tops and digitally programmable pumps for individual pressure settings.

Air bladder construction ranges from a single simple polyethylene bag to complex internally baffled multi-chamber latex with bonded cotton exteriors that mirror what conventional high end mattresses look like.  The options available today match anything available for other types of mattresses available on the market.

modern air mattress system

The modern Air Mattress sleep system is much more comfortable

old vision of an air mattress

This is NOT the air mattress you want to spend time sleeping on!