Latex Mattress Basics

Latex Mattress Basics

Latex Mattresses– The Latex mattress has been around for decades but has been experiencing a resurgence in popularity.

Latex Mattress Background-

A Latex mattress refers to the fact that latex, either natural or synthetic, is used in the mattress core (as opposed to an Innerspring or Memory Foam core).  In it’s natural form, latex foam is a naturally derived substance made from sap of the rubber tree.  Natural latex presents a biodegradable option that is rarely found in other kinds of mattresses.  Latex can also be made synthetically.  Bacteria and mold cannot live in latex foam and latex is also very resistant to dust mites.  A Latex mattress is flexible enough to be used on both traditional flat beds as well as the newer adjustable models.  The Latex mattress has become a favorite of the ecologically minded consumers as well as those sleepers looking to avoid allergens as they are hypoallergenic (similar to memory foam).  The Latex mattress has proven to provide a superior sleeping experience.

Relative to memory foam, latex offers similar support and durability.  A quality latex mattress can be expected to last 10 to 20 years.  A Latex mattress is typically molded out of natural latex, synthetic latex, or a combination of the two.  Several layers of latex with varying densities are used to create one mattress- usually the firmest layers are at the bottom and the softer layers on top next to the sleeper.  A Latex mattress is less conforming to the sleepers body than a memory foam mattress and has a quicker ‘recovery’ time, making it less ‘hot’ and easier to change sleeping positions.  Your Latex mattress will distribute weight evenly and is good at relieving pressure points that can disrupt a good nights rest.

Latex Mattress Properties:

  • Hypoallergenic and Allergen free
  • Green Manufacturing Techniques- Natural more so that Synthetic
  • Buoyant and Elastic Characteristics
  • Resistant to ‘packing down’ and forming body impressions over time

Latex Vulcanization:

A final note on Latex Mattresses is the Vulcanization process used.  There are Two (2):
  • Dunlop- The oldest and more traditional
  • Talalay– a newer process that is similar but has an additional step that produces a lighter more buoyant feeling product.
We will look at both these processes in later blogs-
latex mattress

Latex mattress cut-away view