Mattress Research Trends

Mattress Research Trends-

Mattress research has come a LONG WAY!

Mattress research has brought us from the old straw mattresses on wooden frames (or the floor even):

mattress development has come a long way- from the straw mattress

How far we have come- from the straw mattress

To the modern, innerspring coil or latex mattresses (or both!) with special coverings and adjustable frames-

mattress development has lead to many modern innovations

To the modern pillow top innerspring coil or foam latex mattresses

We Know Mattresses wants to keep you up to date on what is happening in the world of mattress research and bedding.

Mattress Research and Development:

Mattress research is huge, manufacturers spend millions of dollars each year on research and development, looking for ways to improve mattress support and comfort.  One trend is to provide as much individual support as possible.  We tend to sleep better when our mattress is ergonometric-ally sound and supports our full weight molds to our sleeping position.

Comfort and Durability:

Mattress research in regards to comfort and durability are other areas in which many dollars are being spent.  Comfortable mattresses using luxury fillings like mohair, cashmere, silk and wool combined with extra layers on the top of the mattress or using a ‘pillow top’ are the latest trends in luxury beds.  Beds need to be durable, to stand up to daily (nightly) use.  Wear and tear can compromise the effectiveness of their support and comfort, manufacturers are continually looking for ways to improve Support, Comfort, and Durability.

Mattress Sizes:

Mattress size is becoming more important as more consumers are choosing to go with Queen, King, and Super King (California King) size mattresses.  Double beds are just not big enough any more.  Larger mattresses and beds give you more room to sleep, greater comfort if there are two of you in the bed, and there’s more room for weekend mornings when the kids come in.

If you are looking for information on quality and where mattress research is going these days, there are a number of sources to choose from:

  • Consumer Reports– offers reviews and testing of many different types of consumer products, including mattresses.
  • Mattress Blogs and websites such as this one-
  • Manufacturers websites- they will provide information on improvements and new products.

We Know Mattresses will stay abreast of news in the mattress research and bedding improvement world and post updates as we come across them.  We will also look for manufacturers and retailers who are making special offers or introducing new products and services.  All businesses and industries today need to focus on providing the best products and service to the public, We Know Mattresses will search for those deals.