Sealy Mattresses

Sealy Mattresses

Today we look at Sealy Mattresses, perhaps best known for the Sealy Posturepedic mattress line.  The team here at We Know Mattresses has been doing some research.   Part of what we want to do is not just provide information on the types of mattresses out there, but also give you some information about the major mattress manufacturers.

History of Sealy Mattresses:

The company that would eventually produce what we now call Sealy mattresses was somewhat inadvertently founded long ago by Daniel Haynes, a cotton gin builder who lived just outside of Houston, Texas in the town of Sealy.  Haynes began making mattresses for his friends and family in 1881.  He did such a great job that the ‘business’ really took off.  Being a handy type, he developed some machines to help with the production of the mattresses.  The most noticeable being a machine that would compress the cotton that was being put in to the mattresses- for which he received a patent for in 1889.   As word spread the mattresses began to be known as the ‘mattresses from Sealy’.

In 1906 Haynes sold the patents and his company to another Texan for whom worked Earl Edwards.  Edwards penned the slogan “sleeping on a Sealy is like sleeping on a cloud”.   The Sealy mattresses took off and became a national phenomenon.  Sealy mattresses grew and had 23 licensed manufacturers throughout the United States by 1920.  Then the Great Depression hit and the company had to shrink and reorganize to avoid bankruptcy.  Sealy mattresses did this by banding together the remaining manufacturers and forming what would come to be known as Sealy, Incorporated.

Sealy Mattresses Innovation:

Sealy mattresses became known as an innovator in the industry by developing a ‘Button Free’ innerspring mattress, being the first company to advertise and display a King size bed set, introducing the Posturepedic Mattress, and creating an advisory board that is comprised of doctors, clinicians and surgeons to improve the comfort and design of their mattresses.

Sealy operates 25 bedding plants in the United States and a host of others over seas.  Sealy has been the mattress industry leader in sales for the past 30+ years and continues to bring it’s mission of  “helping the world sleep better”. Visit our Sealy Mattress page to learn more about what sealy has done and is doing to offer a wide variety of options to enhance your sleeping experience.

sealy mattresses best known model- the posturepedic

Sealy mattresses best known made- the Posturepedic