Futon Frame Options

Futon Frame Options-

A Futon Frame will drive your Futon buying decision.  Here at We Know Mattresses, we recognize one of your bedding options is the Futon.  A Futon can be a great solution for situations where you have a limited amount of space, such as a small apartment or condo, or perhaps where a room needs to be used for multiple purposes such as a den/office/guest room.  Futons have really progressed in terms of comfort, style and design in the last 30 years and are now offered as very stylish pieces that will complement any living environment.

Futon Frame Choices-

Futons come in basically three frame types: Bi-Fold, Chair or Love-seat, and Tri-Fold designs.  The size of the mattress and framing philosophy will pretty much dictate the type of frame you find.  Today we will take a look at these three choices.

Bi-Fold Futon Frame:

Of the three, Bi-Fold is the most popular futon frame type and is typically found with mattresses that are Full or Queen size with Full size futons being the most popular.  One key measurement of futons is ‘between the arms’ the length of the mattress and sitting space (when closed) essentially.  Full size futons measure 75 inches between the arms, to get the full ‘wall space’ measurement, you will need to add the width of both arms, generally between 2 inches and 6 inches depending on the style.  This will add an additional 4 to 12 inches to the overall length along the wall when added to the distance between the arms.  The full size futon will measure 54 inches from the wall to the front of the mattress/frame when in the open (bed) position, and a Queen size will measure 60 inches.  When the futon is closed, acting as a furniture piece, the distance from the wall to the front of the frame will be between 36 and 42 inches.

bi fold futon frame

The Popular Bi-Fold Futon Frame

Chair Futon Frame:

The second most popular type of Futon Frame is the Chair Futon Frame style with ottoman and they are found with either Twin or Twin Jr. size mattresses.  When open, acting as a bed, they will measure either 28 inches by 54 inches (Twin Jr.) or 39 inches by 54 inches (Twin), with the 28 and 39 being the distance between the arms.  Adding the second mattress piece to the ottoman will give a length from the wall of 75 inches.  There are two ottoman types, a built in sliding ottoman and a separate ‘free’ standing ottoman.  When ‘closed’ and acting as a chair, the distance from the wall will be about 36 to 42 inches, not including the ottoman.

chaire futon frame type

The Chair Futon Frame type

Love Seat Futon Frame:

Love-seat futon frames are similar to chairs, just a bit wider.  The love-seat futon is similar that it will have a second piece (ottoman) and comes with a two piece mattress.  When ‘open’ as a mattress the love-seat futon will measure 54 inches square.  When the ottoman and second mattress piece are added, the length from the wall becomes 75 inches, the same size as a full size futon, but the length and width orientation is reversed.  Occasionally a single piece mattress will be used which is thinner than the two piece, allowing it to be folded under itself or draped over the back of the frame.

Tri- Fold Futon Frame:

Finally we have the Tri-fold or ‘A-frame‘.  Tri-fold mattresses generally come in three sizes: 39″ by 75″ (Twin), 54″ x 75″ (Full) and 60″ x 80″ (Queen), with the higher number being the distance between the arms.  Tri-fold frames can also be made to accommodate King size futons.  These frame options will generally be paired with the thinner mattresses which allow for folding underneath or draping over the back of the frame when they are not being used a bed.

Tri-Fold futon frame

The Tri-Fold Futon Frame

Two ‘arm’ styles exist, Low Arm- where the arms of the piece do not extend upward above the bed and frame, essentially they look ‘open ended’, and High Arm where you have a place to rest your arms at the end of the futons as you would a traditional recliner chair, sofa or couch.

The team at We Know Mattresses hopes that gives you a glimpse at some of the options you can expect out there when you go futon shopping.  Please drop by our sister site: We Know Futons for even more information about futons!