The importance of a good nights sleep

Getting a Good Nights Sleep

The team here at We Know Mattresses understands the value of a good nights sleep.  Many adults suffer from not enough sleep or not enough ‘good’ sleep.  A good night of sleep helps us both physically and mentally.  Most experts and physicians will tell you that 7 to 8 hours of sleep is considered necessary for us to be at our best.

a good nights sleep helps us wake feeling good

A good nights sleep allows us to wake feeling refreshed

Benefits if a Good Nights Sleep:

A well rested person has better concentration.  Anyone who has gone to work (or school) on only a few hours of sleep will understand the difficulties they have concentrating on what they are doing.  Studies show that the brains metabolism slows down when you have gone 24 hours without rest.

Sleep is important in your body keeping itself healthy and maintaining a healthy immune system.  Your level of white blood cells, the bodies soldiers, are decreased with a lack of sleep making us more susceptible to illness.

For all of us, especially children, rest is necessary for body repair and growth.  During sleep, protein production is increased and protein breakdown slows.  Any body builder will tell you about the importance of sleep and it’s affect on how the body recuperates and rebuilds itself.

Finally, we think better and are in a better mood when we get sufficient sleep.  Well rested people tend to make better decisions and are better able to process information when they are alert rather than tired.  For this reason too, you may want to consider putting off big decisions when you are tired and ‘sleep on it’, before deciding.

Tips for getting a good nights sleep:

We Know Mattresses suggests the following things you can do to help you get a good nights sleep:

  • Whenever possible, try to get a little exercise during the day
  • At night, avoid foods that can affect sleep like alcohol and caffeine (yes, both are stimulants)
  • Quit smoking, nicotine is a stimulant.
  • Avoid late meals or eating just before you go to bed.
  • Create consistency by trying to go to bed at the same time each night
  • Make sure you have a comfortable bed and bedding- pillows, sheets, blankets

We Know Mattresses wants to see you be your best, and that can start with getting the benefits of a good nights sleep.  Hopefully some of these tips and reasons for sleeping well will resonate with you and get you started on the road to better sleep and a healthier life.