Serta Mattress Company- a brief overview

Serta Mattress Company-

The Serta Mattress Company, Serta, Inc has been around in one form or another since 1931, when a group of mattress manufacturers got together to combine forces for strength to ride out the great depression.  These 13 businesses joined under the name Sleeper, Inc. and immediately set in place guidelines to produce consistent quality products and market their products across the nation under one brand name.  From the beginning the Serta company has recognized the value of  a recognizable brand name that represents a quality product, that guiding principle has been a constant throughout Serta’s history and continues today.

Serta Mattress growth and development:

The Serta mattress company excels in its research and development.  Sleeper, Inc. developed their first brand name mattress, the Perfect Sleeper and debuted it in 1932.  The Perfect Sleeper was the first ‘tuftless’ mattress on the market and an instant success.

In late 1941, the association of manufacturers in Sleeper, Inc chose to rename themselves Serta-Sleeper Associates.  This lasted a short time until they decided to just go with the name Serta, Inc.  The Serta Mattress name was born.  Serta conducted market research throughout the 1930’s and 1940’s and determined that consumers wanted to have and own products that had recognizable brand names.  Consumers were actually willing to pay a premium for products they knew and trusted rather than pay less for a brand for which there was no recognition, this served to verify Serta’s long held belief that having a familiar and trustworthy name was essential to long term success.

The 1950’s brought a continued strategic reliance on increasing the Serta advertising budget  to support the philosophical ideas of a strong name brand and image.  This served to continue raising consumer awareness of Serta products, get consumers to focus on the Serta product and improve the shopping experience.  Serta was one of the first companies to leverage the power to advertise on television via the “Bob Hope Show” and the “Tonight Show”.

Serta Mattress continued success:

The 1960’s were another good decade for Serta.  Through successful advertising, especially on television, provided high visibility and sales continued to grow.  The Serta mattresses were becoming some of the most recognizable consumer products in the United States.  Expansion was at hand and by the end of 1965, Serta had 30 plants across the United States and Canada.

Revenues continued to grow into the 1970’s as Serta was selling its brand name mattress in record quantities.  Serta established a well funded research and development department that would conduct research on consumer sleep patterns and work on new technologies for the industry.  By 1976 the new R and D department had developed and launched the first Pillow Soft mattress, combining elements of a firm spring mattress with a soft pillow-like exterior.  It became one of the companies most successful products.

The 1980’s brought expansion overseas as Serta moved in to both Mexico and Puerto Rico to serve their growing middle classes.  Japan and Australia became the next expansion targets and this too was accomplished with great success after the initial market research was completed.

Today the Serta mattress continues to lead the way as they launch the iComfort Sleep System featuring memory foam infused with the support and cooling properties of Gel!

Sertas use of market research and development of new technologies has served them well throughout their history.  Serta, Inc now ranks as the second largest mattress manufacturer in the world, and is well poised to make a run at number 1.  For a more detailed history of the Serta Company, check out the We Know Mattresses Serta Page.

Serta mattress perfect sleeper

The Serta Mattress Perfect Sleeper- their best known model