Simmons Mattress Company

Simmons Mattress Company-

Simmons Mattress Co.- Very early:

In the We Know Mattresses continuing introduction to mattresses and the major players within the industry, today we look at the Simmons Mattress Company.  What would become known as the Simmons mattress company was started  by Zalmon G. Simmons in 1870.  Simmons started in manufacturing of wooden insulators and cheese boxes.  In 1876, using a patent received from a client in lieu of payment, Simmons began mass producing and manufacturing of woven wire mattresses.  The ability to mass produce brought the cost to produce and ultimately the cost a buyer would pay, down dramatically.  Opening up a whole new market of consumers to which a quality mattress could be sold.  By 1989 the cost of a Simmons woven wire mattress had dropped to about 95 cents.

Simmons Mattress Co.- Turn of the Century:

1900 brought the development of the hand made coil spring, another leap forward in comfort, however, it was expensive to produce.  The new coil spring mattresses were affordable only to wealthy buyers and luxury motel and cruise lines.  It would not be until the coil spring mattresses could be mass produced that the general public would be able to afford these types of mattresses- around 1926 when Simmons Mattress Co. debuted the Beautyrest mattress for $39.50.

Simmons Mattress leads innovation:

By 1919, Simmons Mattress Co. had a network of manufacturing facilities across the United states and Canada.  During the 1920’s, with the Simmons brand growing in scope and influence, Simmons Mattress began development and focus on the sleep habits of consumers and initiated some in depth sleep studies.  Simmons also began advertising more aggressively, using such notable figures as Eleanor Roosevelt, Henry Ford, H.G. Wells, Thomas Edison, Guglielmo Marconi and George Bernard Shaw.

Simmons Mattress kept its reputation as an innovator, introducing the “Studio Couch’ in 1930.  The hide-a-way ‘Studio Couch’ was developed as the Great Depression  brought families back under the same roof, and was intended as a way to provide a usable piece of furniture during the day and a place to sleep at night.

Simmons Mattress created its first National Technological Center in 1957 as it continued to be a leader in research and development with in the mattress industry.  It was the Simmons goal to continue to search for ways to give consumers a better night sleep.  A year later Simmons would be the first mattress company to introduce the Queen and King size mattresses.

Simmons Mattress Co. in to the new Millennium:

Simmons Mattress Co. has continued to lead the way during the 1990’s and in to the new Millenium.  The mid 90’s saw the introduction of the Simmons Back Care mattress, designed to help keep proper spinal alignment for better support and comfort.  In 2000 Simmons celebrated the 75th anniversary of the Beautyrest mattress, and in 2001 Simmons introduced a new mattress size: The Olympic Queen- giving an additional 10% of sleeping space.

2004 saw the introduction of the Pocketed Cable Coil design, yielding a more luxurious sleep with a higher motion separation index and greater durability.  Simmons has also introduced the HealthSmart bed, the best mattress for a clean and healthy environment.

Simmons Mattress Co. Today:

Today Simmons Mattress has 18 manufacturing plants in the US and Puerto Rico, as well as 23 international licensees and sub licensees.  Simmons continues to lead the way in development of new technologies and products to enable their users better sleep and help move forward their philosophy of Better Sleep Through Science.  Newer mattress lines from Simmons include BeautySleep, ComfforPedic and the Simmons Natural Care Collection.

simmons mattress classic beauty rest

The Classic Simmons Beautyrest Mattress