Sleep Number Beds- by Select Comfort

The Sleep Number Beds

Sleep number beds are brought to you by the Select Comfort Company.  The sleep number beds allow you to adjust the firmness of the mattress through the use of inflatable air chambers within the mattress.  Essentially this is a high end Air Mattress that the sleeper is on, with additional layers of foam and fabric for comfort and support.

The sleep number beds offer a number of unique features, including:

  • The ability to adjust the sides of the beds differently for each sleeper
  • The ability to adjust your setting over time as your sleep needs change
  • Your weight is distributed evenly, eliminating painful pressure points
  • The only mattress clinically proven to relieve back pain and improve sleep quality

Select Comfort History-

Select Comfort was founded in 1987, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, by Bob Walker and his wife JoAnn.  Select Comfort is best known for their lines of ‘Sleep Number’ beds.  Select Comfort offers three lines of Sleep Number beds and eight models:

The Sleep Number Series’-

The Sleep Number Classic Series

This series includes models c2, c3, and c4.  The classic model that got it all started.

The Sleep Number Performance Series

The Performance Series includes models p5, p6, and p7.  These are the most popular models and they offer enhanced controls, comfort and value.

The Sleep Number Innovative Series

The higher end models i8 and i10.  The premier line offering cutting edge innovation in sleep technology, and body contouring, temperature controlling foam for greater comfort and support.

sleep number beds

Sleep Number beds allow each sleeper to adjust their side to their comfort level

Specialty Mattresses and other bedding products-

Select Comfort also offers a number of specialty mattresses including: Replacement mattresses for RV’s, Waterbed Mattresses, and specially sized King and Queen size bedding systems.

Finally, you can find a range of bedding accessories from bases and adjustable bases to pillows, sheets and pads.

If you are looking for a bedding and mattress system that has the capability to be unique to your sleeping needs, check out Select Comfort.