Spring Air Mattresses

Spring Air Mattresses-

Spring Air mattresses- offset coil design:

Spring Air mattresses was founded in 1926 by Francis Karr.  Karr was an engineer and developer who came up with the ‘free end offset coil design’, which is a coil spring that adjusts to each sleepers weight.   The free end offset coil is the most copied design in the bedding industry.  The offset coils are an innerspring wire coil design where the coils are aligned in their rows and turn ‘away’ from each other- providing more stability and less movement, especially side to side.

spring air offset coil design cutaway

Spring Air coil design cutaway view

Spring Air history:

Throughout its history Spring Air has been known as an innovator and has produced a number of advancements in bedding technology.

  • In the late 40’s, Spring Air introduced button free technology, quilted surfaces and extra support bedding material in it’s mattresses.
  • Spring Air began producing its “Health Center” mattresses in 1953, which featured different zones for different areas of the body.
  • The Spring Air Back Supporter was introduced in the 1960’s and has gone on to become it’s most well known product.
  • Pillow top mattresses were rolled out in 1973 by Spring Air.
  • 1988 saw the use of natural fiber bedding material such as silk and wool to their Four Seasons mattress.
  • Spring Air introduced their high quality Conforma foam which conforms to the sleepers back, shoulders and neck.  Spring Air also began combining latex foam and innerspring design to make mattresses that provide more comfort and support.

Spring Air has undergone a number of changes in its corporate structure and ownership in the last decade, including bankruptcy, most recently in 2009.  Spring Air International is it’s most recent incarnation and they have been in place since summer of 2009 when they purchased the global rights to the Spring Air trademarks from the prior owners, Consolidated Bedding.

Spring Air Mattress Lines:

Currently Spring Air offers a number of mattress line and products, including:

  • Sleep Sense- Four models of Ultra Premium innerspring mattresses and four new eco-friendly plant based foam core designs.
  • Back Supporter- Three complete lines built around the famous Back Supporter mattress and designed to appeal to a wide range of consumer sensibilities.  They include the Value Line, Total Balance and Four Seasons.
  • Chattam & Wells- The luxury line, Chattam & Wells has been repositioned recently from its historic “Ultra Luxury” label to a more consumer friendly “More Affordable Luxury”

Spring Air Premium mattress benefits:

For the last 10 years or so Spring Air has been in the top 10 manufacturers of mattresses.  They offer compelling ideas and design in mattress technology and construction.  If you are looking for a premium comfort mattress or have suffered from back pain, perhaps Spring Air is one you should consider.