Tempur Pedic – Memory foam pioneer

Tempur Pedic – Memory Foam pioneer-

The Tempur Pedic Mattress Company was the first commercial company to take the technology for what would become memory foam from NASA and use it in a commercially viable product.

Tempur Pedic Memory Foam background-

NASA first developed the visco-elastic foam technology to give astronauts more comfort during take off.  It was a pressure absorbing temperature sensitive material to help cushion and support them from the G-forces of lift off.  After some additional developmental tweaks, NASA released the product to the general public in the early 1980’s.

The NASA product was aquired by the Fagerdala World Foams, a Swedish technical company.  Fagerdala continued to work on the product for another decade until they developed a commercially viable version of the foam, naming the retail product Tempur.  This is what was to become to the first commercially usable and successful product- the Tempur Pedic Swedish mattress; introduced in 1991.

A Kentucky businessman, Robert B Trussell, Jr. developed a relationship with Fagerdala and was granted the distribution rights to Tempur Pedic in North America.  From that, Tempur Pedic, Inc. was formed to bring the comfort of the memory foam mattresses to the United States.

Tempur Pedic more recently-

In 1999, nine distributors of Fagerdala, including Tempur Pedic, Inc. merged to form Temper World holding company. The  Tempur World holding company was acquired in 2002 by the private equity firms TA Associates, out of Boston, and Friedman, Fleischer, & Lowe, out of San Francisco.  Robert Trussell was retained as the CEO  and in that same year they reformed Tempur World holding company into Temper Pedic International, Inc.  The new company went public in December of 2003 and trades on the New York Stock Exchange as TPX.

Memory Foam Mattresses-

Memory foam mattresses and known for their distinctive support and ability to mold and support the sleepers body.  They can be especially useful in medical settings as memory foam is less likely to cause bed sores and rashes and can mitigate aches and pains more effectively innerspring coil mattresses.  Memory foam mattresses are hypoallergenic making them a good choice for sleepers with allergies.  The feeling you get while sleeping on a memory foam mattress is one of being ‘snug’ in bed and floating.

The Tempur Pedic memory foam mattresses help reduce and eliminate pressure points that can cause sore spots and make getting a good nights sleep more difficult.

tempur pedic memory foam creates a more comfortable sleep surface

Memory foam helps reduce pressure points and provide a more comfortable sleep surface

Adjustable Beds are also a forte of Tempur Pedic as memory foam is a preferred mattress for these bed systems.  With their non slip bottom and ability to conform to the adjustable foundation, the Tempur Pedic mattress stays in place and performs like no other.

Tempur Pedic has continued to develop new products to include pillows, bedding, and accessories as well as continuing to enhance to enhance their mattress product line via the HD, ES and Cloud collections.