Sealy Mattress line: Sealy Brand

The Sealy Mattress line:

Sealy Mattress Lines:

Sealy Mattress Company offers four mattress lines, their most affordable, the Sealy Brand, the next step up- Sealy Posturepedic, the Eco-conscious Embody by Sealy and the luxurious top of the line Stearns and Foster.  Today we take a look at the Sealy mattress most affordable line-the  Sealy Brand which is geared towards the budget conscious shopper.

The Sealy Brand from Sealy Mattress, offers mattress choices in Innerspring models, Memory Foam and Latex foam.  Each has it’s unique characteristics and price range.  All these mattress options come with Box Springs and a 10 year warranty.

seal mattress sealy brand

Sealy Mattress offers the affordable Sealy Brand mattress line

Sealy Brand: This Sealy mattress option is offered with four different choices of Comfort:

  • Ultra Plush- Enveloping softness with deep support
  • Plush- Soft cushioning surface with deep support
  • Cushion Firm- Substantial surface support with quilted softness for comfort
  • Firm- Stiff surface support with just  hint of softness for comfort

Innerspring Mattress Offerings:

The Sealy Brand Innerspring mattresses offer coils that are twice tempered to prevent sagging and optimize the feeling of support.

Sealy Brand Innerspring mattress choices start at $399.00 (for a Queen size set).  The innerspring mattresses give you that comfortable and supportive feeling at a most affordable price. Sealy conducts 30 tests on their innerspring mattresses to ensure the support and durability that has been their goal for over 125 years.

The Sealy Brand offers three styles of exterior fabric and quilting:

  • Woven Quilt Top: entry level for basic comfort
  • Stretch Knit Top: Softer feel, breathes more, for a cooler more comfortable feel
  • Stretch Knit Top over a layer of Silk and Wool Fiber: The softest sleep surface option for the most comfort and breathability.

You may also decide to add Memory Foam to the mattress.  Memory Foam conforms to your unique body.  Adding Memory Foam layers gives you the feeling the mattress was made just for you.

Innerspring support can some in one of two ways:

  • Sealy Tech Innerspring system: Sealy’s entry level innerspring and a mainstay in providing the most affordable support.
  • Sealy’s patented PostureTech Innerspring: A step up in support, this spring senses your individual body weight and responds with the very best support in the industry at a budget price.

The Sealy Brand Edging System Offers Two Choices:

  • Advant-Edge System: Inserted between the outer two rows of innersprings, this is the Sealy basic edge system offering stability not seen in most entry level mattresses.
  • Advant-Edge PLUS System: Sealy takes the stability of Advant-Edge and adds this premium edge system around the perimeter of the mattress so you can sleep more comfortably all the way to the edge.

Memory Foam:

The Sealy mattress Sealy Brand line of Memory Foam mattresses start at $699 (again for a Queen set).  A new approach to sleep, the entry level Memory Foam has a unique sleep surface that envelopes you.  Part of the Comfort Series, you get all the quality and comfort of a Sealy and the distinctive conformance of Memory Foam.

  • Comfort: Memory Foam adjusts to your body weight and conforms to your body shape to relieve pressure points.  It even absorbs motion, making it less likely you will feel your partners movements.
  • Support: Beneath the Memory Foam is six inches of a solid, high density foam core.  Giving you uniform support, while keeping your neck and back in better alignment.

Latex Foam:

Starting at $999.00 for a Queen Set.  Newer technology modestly priced.  Entry level Latex foam offers cool and supportive sleep.  Part of the Comfort Series, these Sealy brand mattresses offer a feel that’s similar to the classic innerspring, with the added conformance properties of latex foam.

  • Comfort: Latex foam, a naturally breathable material, conforms to your body to relieve pressure points while providing resilient support.
  • Support: Resilient foam core gives your body uniform support.  The edge support system provides a consistent sleep surface from edge to edge.

And there you have it, a quick rundown of the mattress offerings within the Sealy Brand line from Sealy Mattress.  In the future we will review the PosturePedic, Embody, and Stearns and Foster lines as well.  Good luck and good sleeping!