Four Most Popular Mattresses

Top Four Most Popular Mattresses:

Innerspring Mattresses are most popular mattresses-

The most popular mattresses by far are Innerspring mattresses.  These popular mattresses and bed systems offer numerous styles, features and options.  There’s a model and style of innerspring mattress for almost every taste, and budgets range from basic to extravagant.  Approximately 60% of innerspring mattress owners are satisfied with their beds.  This is interesting in that while 60% is a significant amount, it is still lower than for any other types of popular mattresses.

The range of prices for innerspring mattresses varies greatly, from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand or more.  Price and quality are dependant upon such things as size and number of coils in the mattress, the amount and type of padding in the mattress, comfort type (pillow top, euro top, etc) stitching quality, fine details, fabric types, the list goes on.  Experts tend to agree that innerspring mattresses at every price point, except the very cheapest, tend to be sturdy.  When shopping, try to see a cross cut section of the mattress you are interested to get a feel for the inside construction and make up.

When compared to other types of popular mattresses, the innerspring mattress varieties tend to retain less body heat and come in a wider range of firmnesses.  However innerspring mattresses transfer more motion, which is an important consideration if you sleep with someone else in the bed.

Finally, an innerspring mattress tends to be less durable and more subject to sagging than other mattress types.  Experts say an innerspring mattress should be replaced about every 10 years.

popular mattresses- innerspring

Most Popular Mattresses are Innerspring


  • Least expensive type of mattress
  • Numerous brands and models available: Choices!
  • Pocket coil models are well suited for couples (low motion transfer)
  • Some models can be flipped to increase life


  • Difficult to comparison shop
  • Cheaper models use lower quality materials
  • May require purchase of a box spring
  • Less durable than other mattress types

Memory Foam are Popular Mattresses with less motion transfer-

Memory foam mattresses are generally made from visco-elastic, a polyurethane based foam that molds itself to the shape of the sleepers body, a feeling that many people like.  Tempur-pedic is the most well known memory foam mattress manufacturer, however several other companies are offering less expensive versions that are receiving good reviews from owners.

Memory foam mattress owners are the most likely of all the popular mattresses to report that they are satisfied with their beds according to the web site

A good number of people who try a memory foam mattress though, dislike it because they say it feels too firm, too hard or too hard to move about on comfortably.  Memory foam mattresses absorb body heat, so they may be too warm for some sleepers, especially in warm weather.

Generally, memory foam mattresses have greater durability than innerspring mattresses while they offer less motion transfer, and are subsequently a good choice for couples.

When they are new, memory foam mattresses may have an odor that some sleepers find unpleasant.

popular mattresses- memory foam

Popular mattresses also include Memory Foam


  • Conforms to body shape
  • Isolates motion between partners
  • Can offer relief from joint pain
  • More durable than innerspring mattresses


  • More expensive than innerspring mattresses
  • Doesn’t breathe, retains body heat
  • Impedes movement
  • Feels hard in cold weather
  • New mattresses release odor

Latex Foam are Popular Mattresses for eco-friendly consumers-

Latex foam mattresses are constructed from natural or synthetic rubber and are nearly as well liked by their owners as memory foam mattresses.  Reviews state that latex foam is springier than memory foam, provide good joint support, and do not retain as much body heat, so they tend to be more comfortable, especially in warmer weather.

Latex mattress are more durable than innerspring mattresses and are naturally resistant to mold and dust mites.  Latex is eco-friendly as it is a renewable resource and can be biodegradable.  Latex are popular mattresses with consumers who are Ec0-conscious.

Latex foam mattresses are not appropriate for people allergic to latex.

Some latex foam mattresses are very expensive, while others are more reasonably priced.

Latex foam mattresses are perform best and are most comfortable on a slatted bed base as opposed to a box spring.

most popular mattresses include latex

Latex is another of the popular mattresses


  • Resists mold and dust mites
  • Breathable
  • More durable than innerspring mattresses
  • Have a springier feel than memory foam


  • New mattresses can have an odor
  • Tend to be more expensive than innerspring
  • Not for people with latex allergies

Air Mattresses are Popular Mattresses that bring custom comfort-

Air mattresses, the fourth of the most popular  mattresses, use adjustable air cushions to provider tailored support instead of springs or foam.  Some air mattresses, such as the Select Comfort Sleep Number bed, allow each side to be adjusted independently to allow for different levels of firmness.

Air mattresses receive a large number of reviews from owners who are quite happy with their bed system, but, they also get a large number of negative reviews also, especially those owners who use two different firmness settings.  It is also sometimes noted that the beds foam sides are just not firm enough to sit on.  However, short of sleeping apart, dual chamber beds are one of the few options available to for partners who prefer widely different mattress firmness.

Air mattresses are generally more expensive than other types pf mattresses, but can last longer since the individual part of the mattress can be replaced as it wears out.

most popular includes air mattresses

New styles of Air Mattresses are among the Most popular mattresses


  • Infinite number of adjustable settings
  • Some models are Dual Chambered
  • Parts can be replaced separately to prolong life


  • More Expensive than other mattress options
  • Not comfortable for some sleepers
  • Some are subject to mold
  • Sides not firm enough to sit on

There you have a quick primer on the four most popular types of mattresses, Good Shopping!