Simmons Beautyrest Mattress

Simmons Beautyrest Mattress-

The Simmons Beautyrest Mattress, the mattress that Simmons built its reputation on over 86 years ago and has continued to evolve since its introduction in 1925.

Today the Beautyrest Mattress offers the latest innovation: Beautyrest Smart Response Pocketed Coil Technology-

simmons beautyrest mattress

Beautyrest Mattress by Simmons with Pocketed Coil Technology

A Brief History:

1925- Simmons’ top engineer, John Franklin Gail, designs a machine that can coil wire and insert it into fabric, which formed the basis of the Simmons Beautyrest mattress.

1950- Simmons becomes the first mattress company to introduce King and Queen size mattresses.

1995- The famous Simmons “Bowling Ball Mattress” ad campaign is introduced to dramatically illustrate how the Beautyrest Mattress keeps the movement of one person on the mattress from disturbing the other.

2000- Simmons develops the first “No-Flip” mattress

2003- Simmons develops and launches The Advanced Coil spring, continuingtheir legacy of innovation.

2006- Simmons Beautyrest launches the Beautyrest Black mattress line, enhancing the Simmons Beautyrest mattress with opulent fabrics and foam layers as well as stringer motion dampening coil spring technology.

2008- The Beautyrest NxG mattress is introduced, combining the contouring comfort and pressure relief of NxG Memory Foam with the support, pressure relief and motion separation of Beautyrest Pocketed Coil springs.

2011- Now, Simmons rolls out the new Beautyrest Smart Response Pocketed Coil technology, featuring the Beautyrest Elite and NxG Models.

The new Beautyrest Smart Response Pocketed Coil technology offers a revolutionary shape that gives you greater motion separation, conformability, individualized back support and pressure relief.

The New Beautyrest Collection, four different yet amazing mattress choices:

1) The NEW Beautyrest Classic- 800 Density Beautyrest Pocketed Coil springs is where pocketed coil technology begins

2) The NEW Beautyrest Elite- featuring 900 Density Smart Response  Pocketed Coil Technology, the next step

3) The Beautyrest World Class- 1000 Density Beautyrest Pocketed Coil springs provide the maximum single layer of pocketed coil springs available.

4) The NEW Beautyrest NxG- The best of both world’s with NxG Memory Foam and 900 Density Smart Response Pocketed Coil Technology.

Check out the Simmons website for a full comparison chart to help you choose the best of the New Simmons Beautyrest Mattresses for you!