Mattress Shopping Secrets

Mattress Shopping Secrets-

Mattress shopping is a big deal.  Mattresses can be expensive, there are a lot of different choices and a number of different types- Inner spring, Latex, Memory Foam, Air mattresses and so on.  You will also be spending the next 10 years or more sleeping on your new mattress.  So, what are some tips and secrets that you can use to your advantage when mattress shopping?

mattress shopping offers many choices

There are a lot of mattress choices out there

Mattress Store Secrets:

When you go mattress shopping, keep the following bits of information in mind-

  • The more expensive mattresses are displayed in the front of the store and the cheaper ones are in the back.  The hope being that a buyer will see something they like up front before fully browsing and seeing all the options and price points.  Everyone is different, you never know which mattress will be the best for you, and by looking at all the options and laying on them, you have a better chance of finding the best mattress for you, often at a great value.
  • Test a mattress for at least 10 minutes.  You can lie down on showroom mattresses, the salesperson should tell you this but if they don’t, remember you are entitled to try them out as a shopper.  You want to make the right decision when mattress shopping as you will spend hundreds, even thousands of dollars on your choice and sleep on it for the next 10 to15 years.
  • A lesser-known fact is that mattress makers rename their products.  The mattresses will have different labels, but inside are the same- it can be confusing to buy one.  What you can do as a consumer is:

a)     Try out the mattress before buying

b)    Read up on the models you like, review their features

c)     Compare similar models

d)    Look at reviews online

e)     Be sure the store has a consumer friendly return policy

Mattress Shopping Considerations:

  • What is with all the discounts and sales- Mattress shopping can be like advanced math class!  Pricing of mattresses can be very confusing, you will find many are on ‘sale’, there are deep discounts, many mattresses ell below the MSRP- some by a large amount.  How do you know you are getting a fair or even good deal?  Do your homework before and during mattress shopping.  You don’t need to buy your mattress the day you find it, there are more than one out there.  Do online research, visit the manufacturers website, ask the seller if it is this year or last years model, compare prices, ask if there are additional discounts.  It’s your money, protect it.
  • Warranties- While mattress shopping, you will see there are various warranties available.  What type of warranty will you receive (is there even one)?  You should be able to find a mattress with at least a 10-year warranty and many of the higher end, Memory Foam, and synthetic or Latex mattresses offer warranties of 20 years.
  • Side Support- Check the support on the outer edges of the mattress, the side support should match the middle.  When mattress shopping, you don’t want a mattress that is going to break down around the edges after just a few months or years.  Sagging edges are uncomfortable and detract from your overall sleep experience.
  • Ticking (outside cover)- The ticking fabric should be cotton or damask, not polyester or vinyl.  Polyester and vinyl do not breathe like cotton or damask which makes them less comfortable, especially in warm weather.
  • Coil Count- One aspect of innerspring mattress quality is the ‘coil count’.  A quality mattress should have a coil count of at least 375 for a Queen size and 450 for a King.  Higher coil counts typically mean a higher quality- there are more coils to support and provide comfort to the sleeper.
  • Size- Make sure you get the right size mattress, or if you aren’t sure, err on the side of too big.  Take your sleep partner with you to shop (you should anyway as both of you need to be comfortable on your choice) lie on the bed, make sure you have enough room to sleep on the mattress comfortably.  Lay on your back and put your palms under your head with your elbows out- do you both have enough room on the mattress?  Don’t make the mistake of getting a mattress that is too small.
Mattress shopping can be a great experience and you should make it an opportunity to get the mattress you need and want at a reasonable price, or at least the best price possible.  When you go mattress shopping, using the tips and bits of information above can help you get the best deal and a quality mattress.