Mattress Care and Cleaning Tips

Mattress care and Cleaning Tips:

Today we will look at mattress care, tips, and instructions for keeping your mattress as clean, and healthy, as possible.  You spend up to a third of your life in bed, a clean mattress will make that a better experience.  No one wants to sleep on a mattress that smells, is dusty, or infested with mites, bed bugs and the like.  Today we look at general mattress care: cleaning your mattress, what to do when it gets dirt, how to prevent mites and allergens from bothering you and tips for routine maintenance.

mattress care and cleaning for a dirty mattress

A sample of what can lurk in an unclean mattress

Mattress care tips:

Invest in a mattress pad-

A mattress pad is the first line of defense in mattress care.  A mattress pad protects against stains, provides a washable cover (and should be washed on a regular basis just like your bedding), and reduces the amount of dust, pet dander, dust mites, and other allergens that get to and in to the mattress.

Keep your mattress clean-

Mattress care should include regular vacuuming of your mattress.  Use the upholstery attachment and be sure to get all surface areas of the mattress.  Be careful with things like water and cleaning solutions!  They can seep in to the mattress and cause odors, and depending on the mattress type (Foam, Latex, etc) can take a long time to dry.  You may consider using a garment steamer on the mattress as that helps kill mites that may be present.

If a stain occurs-

Sometimes mattress care involves removing a stain.  Use an upholstery shampoo and some water, as little as possible- don’t soak it.  Use a sponge to dab at the stain and control the amount of moisture.  Do not use dry cleaning chemicals- as mentioned above, you don’t want chemicals and their odors to seep in to your mattress.

Rotate your Mattress-

Rotating the mattress as part of your mattress care routine helps lengthen the life and comfort of your mattress.  Rotating the mattress every two to six months minimizes permanent impressions, changes the pressure points, helps reduce dips and sags and helps with even wear over time: all things that lead to better rest.

Quick mattress care tips:

For Odors- sprinkle baking soda on your mattress, let it sit for a few hours and then vacuum.

Vacuuming- Proper mattress care requires you to vacuum the sides as well as the top (or both sleeping areas if you don’t have a special pillow or euro top).  All exposed fabric should be dusted and vacuumed.

Dryer Sheets- As a way to keep your mattress smelling nice, consider placing a few dryer sheets under the mattress cover.  Be sure to choose an aroma you can sleep with!

Don’t engage in risky practices- Prevention is a great way to enhance mattress care.  Don’t smoke around your mattress to prevent cigarette odors, make sure your pets are clean before they hop on the bed, and avoid eating messy and spillable meals and snacks in bed.

Proper mattress care is pretty easy and does not take much time when done on a regular basis.  Make mattress care and cleaning part of your general home maintenance and cleaning routine and you are well on your way to increasing the life and comfort of your mattress.