Gel Mattresses

Gel Mattresses- 

Gel Mattresses are rising in popularity.  Gel mattresses were originally designed for maximum pressure relief and have most often been used for medical purposes, though this is changing quickly as their popularity is spreading amongst mattress consumers.  Gel mattresses are available in various forms, but primarily the gel in the mattress conforms to the contours of the body to prevent pressure and the resulting bedsores.

Reduction of pressure points helps gel mattresses improves your sleep experience by improving blood circulation and providing a more comforting sleep environment.  When you have less pressure on your body, you are less likely to toss and turn, which makes for a tumultuous and uncomfortable sleep.  Additionally, gel mattresses make for a better temperature controlled sleep environment; you will generally sleep ‘cooler’ on gel mattresses.

Gel Mattress manufacturers:

Technogel Mattress-

The gel used is the patented product of Royal Medica.  The Technogel company is the result of a joint venture between Royal Medica and Otto Bock GmgH, a leader in orthopedics and foams.  Technogel has specialized in development and manufacturing of products based on the polyurethane gels.

Estasi by Technogel- This Gel Mattress is thick for correct support.  The top area is covered in the Technogel which provides a soft but solid sleep surface for your body to sink comfortably in to while providing support and pressure distribution.  The gel is the same used in the Dr Scholl’s foot care line, it is non toxic and stable.

Technogel Gel Mattresses

Example of a Technogel Gel Mattress


Intelli-Gel was originally developed in the 1990’s and used in hospital beds, seat cushions and shoe inserts, but now it is being used in Gel Mattresses for the home.  Intelli-gel is a soft, strong and elastic solid copolymer gel that is formed into a series of vertical support members.  In the Intellibed, these vertical supports compress under light pressure, but relax as pressure increases, allowing that part of your body (like shoulders or hips) to sink into the mattress.  This reduces pressure points on your body by 50 to 80%.  Intelligel is durable, as well as safe, non-toxic, hypoallergenic and anti-microbial.

intelligel used in gel mattresses

Intelligel has vertical supports


NexGel offers a full line of Gel mattresses and products.  In the late 1990’s gel cushioining products began a rise to prominence.  They were immediately used for relieving pressure in hospitals for patients, burn victims, and the elderly.  The high cost of gel products kept the products use mostly restricted to medical and high end consumer mattress applications.  NexGel engineers created and patented OrthoGel, which is a lighter and more economical product that brings the sleep enhancing properties of gel to the general public.

Serta iComfort Prodigy Gel Memory Foam Mattress-

The iComfort Sleep System by Serta is their entry in to the Gel Mattresses arena.  The iComfort features the Cool Action Gel Memory Foam- Memory foam infused with the support and cooling properties of Serta’s MicroSupport gel.  The iComfort Gel Mattresses are designed to deliver superior pressure relief and targeted support than ordinary memory foam mattresses.

Serta iComfort Gel Mattresses

Serta's iComfort Gel Mattress