Getting Rid of Your Old Mattress

Getting rid of your old mattress:

How do you go about getting rid of your old mattress?  You have done all your research, gone shopping, tried out and selected a great new mattress for your bedroom, but you have to have somewhere to put it!  Have you thought about getting rid of your old mattress yet?

Suggestions for getting rid of your old mattress-

1) Ask the seller of your new mattress if they will take away your old mattress-

Many appliance and home stores are now willing to help in getting rid of your old mattress.  Sometimes they will do it for fee, others may charge a small fee, but it is certainly worth asking about.

2) Sell your old mattress-

Use Craigslist or other local “Bulletin Board” to get the word out.  You could pick up an extra $25 to couple hundred bucks.  Enough for a nice dinner or something else you may have been saving for.  College students and twenty-somethings just out on their own are always looking for deals and would be great sources for getting rid of your old mattress.

3) Donate your old mattress to a local charity or second hand store-

If your old mattress has some life left in it, try contacting Goodwill Industries or the Salvation Army.  Organizations like these are often glad to get mattresses donated as they run shelters for the homeless and less fortunate. Especially during difficult economic times like we are experiencing now, you can expect help in getting rid of your old mattress.  More often than not, Goodwill and Salvation Army are able to come and pick the donated mattress up as well.

4) Recycling is another option for getting rid of your old mattress-

A used mattress can be used to make other items.  Think about it, some of these mattresses have steel springs (antique shops and metal collectors), others have latex or memory foam (great for pillows, pads, etc.), give your local recycling center a call and see if they accept mattresses or if they can recommend somewhere that does.

Recycle as a way of getting rid of your old mattress

Recycled mattresses

5) Throw your old mattress away-

Probably not the most green or forward thinking option, but sometimes it’s the best solution.  If your mattress has clearly seen it’s last useful days, is dirty, was infested with bed bugs or is just in terrible condition, then the best choice for getting rid of it may be to throw it away.  Make sure you call your local Waste Management representative and ask if there is anything special that needs to be done.  Sometimes you will need to give them a heads up, or perhaps certain times a year they pick up large or odd shaped waste (spring and fall?).

You will eventually face the day when you will need help in getting rid of your old mattress, hopefully this has given you some ideas as to how to go about that.