Mattress Trends

Mattress Trends-

Happy New Year everyone!

Today we take a look at new mattress trends we are seeing in the industry.  We have always promoted the idea that a great nights sleep leads to a healthier and more productive lifestyle.  We also advocate that a mattress you are comfortable on is essential for a great nights sleep.  The New Year is as good a time as any to consider getting a new mattress to either replace your old mattress, upgrade from an uncomfortable mattress, or take advantage of new mattress trends.

Green and Eco-Friendly mattress trends:

Going green is an idea whose time has come.  We have reviewed some players in the Eco-friendly and green mattress niche and our expectation is that these manufacturers and others will only continue to become bigger and more influential.  To see what all the buzz is about and learn where these new mattress trends are, you should check out such manufacturers as:

These sites can educate and guide you as you research the new mattress trends that are green and eco-friendly focused.

Tempurpedic Visco Elastic Foam Mattress Trends:

They call it the most highly recommended mattress.  I guess it is hard to say that the Tempurpedic Visco elastic foam is a ‘new’ mattress trend, but maybe now is the time to check out and see why the Tempurpedic mattress products continue to be one of the growing new mattress trends.  Developed over 30 years ago and gaining popularity since, the Visco elastic mattress foam gives you:

  • air flow and breathability for temperature comfort
  • a mattress that gently conforms to your body for a personalized fit
  • support  and alignment for your body for a relaxed and restful sleep
  • reduction in motion transfer so that you and your sleep partner get uninterrupted sleep

You can learn more about the Tempurpedic foam and their products on our very own Tempurpedic pages.

mattress trends Tempurpedic Visco Elastic foam

Tempurpedic Visco Elastic Foam mattress

Gel Mattresses Mattress Trends:

Another one of the new mattress trends is that of Gel Mattresses.  We did a blog on this very topic in November.  Gel mattresses are rising in popularity as they make the jump from primarily medical use to the general sleeping public.  Gel mattresses reduce pressure points, which in turn provides a more comfortable sleep for you.  Pressure points cause tossing and turning, not ideal to have when you are trying to get a good rest.  To learn more about Gel mattresses, check out the following sites:

Mattress trends like Gel Mattresses

Gel based mattress construction

There you have a brief rundown of some of the popular new mattress trends this year.  There are a multitude of choices when it comes to mattresses, be diligent and search for the mattress and bedding system that gives you most comfortable sleep.  For tips on what to look for when mattress shopping you can check out or Mattress Shopping Secrets blog, best of luck and thank you for your support!

Happy New Year!