NaturaWorld Childrens Mattress Line

Natura Childrens Mattress lines

Natura (NaturaWorld) offers a full Childrens mattress and accessorie line that lives up to the organic and green spirit of their full size mattress and sleep accessory counterparts.  The Natura Kidz line stands guard over your childs health and comfort.  Natural and organic ingredients combine for healthy solutions to a deeper and revitalizing rest.

Kids and Teen mattresses offered include:

Moonlight Childrens Mattress (Soy Core):

The Moonlight childrens mattress generates a healthy, supportive sleeping space to lull your child to sleep.  Plush, soy plant-based foam core eases stress and strain to ensure supportive spinal alignment for your child’s developing muscles and bones.  NaturaWool lining regulates temperature by keeping your child dry and secure, while it protects against dust mites and other allergens for an undisturbed and restful sleep.

Natura Moonlight Childrens mattress

The All-Natural Moonlight Childrens Mattress

Moonbeam Childrens Mattress (Soy Core):

The Moonbeam childrens mattress delivers comfort to soothe your child and help him sleep.  A buoyant layer of Talalay latex cushions young bones and joints while ensuring proper spinal alignment.   NaturaWool lining naturally regulates temperature and guards against dust mites and allergens that can hamper getting restful sleep.  The supportive soy-plant-based memory foam core ensures whole body support.

Sunshine Childrens Mattress (Latex Core):

The Sunshine childrens mattress is a healthy, all natural place for your child to rest.  A hypoallergenic Talalay latex core restricts the growth of dust mites and allergens that irritate lungs and disturb sleep.  The buoyant support ensures correct spinal alignment to foster correct growth of muscles and bones with secure comfort.  NaturaWool wicks away moisture to ensure consistent temperature and eliminate humidity.  The Natura Sunshine children’s mattress also comes in a style for bunk beds!

natura sunshine children's mattress

All-Natural Natura Sunshine Childrens Mattress

Organic Starlight Childrens Mattress (Latex Core):

The Organic Starlight childrens mattress features an antibacterial, hypoallergenic latex foam core that provides buoyant cushioning to ensure proper spinal alignment while reducing the growth of allergens.  The 100% certified organic NaturaGrow Wool core wicks away moisture to regulate temperature and keep the bedding fresh and dry.   Your child’s sleep environment remains free of off-gassing chemicals that can harm their young respiratory system.

The Natura childrens mattress lines offer mattress products in twin and full sizes, visit their website for a full list of pricing options.

Additionally, Natura has a complete line of bedding, pillows and other accessories specifically designed for your child, be they newborns, toddlers or teens!

Natura kids organic cloud pillow

The Natura Kids Organic Cloud Pillow