TEMPUR-simplicity mattress line unveiled

Tempur-simplicity mattress line-

The new Tempur-simplicity line was unveiled recently and is creating quite a buzz.  Tempur-simplicity has been a two-year commitment to develop and represents the Tempur-pedic entry in to a market that has not been a traditional target for them.  The new line creates huge potential as the ‘most recommended mattress in the world’ makes it’s bid to increase market share in the USA and abroad.

Tempur-simplicity overview:

Tempur-pedic has spent the last two years developing the new Tempur-simplicity mattress line.  It has been developed to be more affordable yet retain the same quality that Tempur-pedic products have become known for.   Tempur-simplicity features the proprietary Tempur-Essential material for pressure relieving comfort and contouring support.  Below this layer lies the new Simplicity Support System to enhance comfort and provide body support and alignment.

Tempur-simplicitly Models:

Tempur-Simplicity line features an 8-inch profile and will launch with 3 models to meet a wide range of consumer preferences to help them experience their best nights sleep:

  • Tempur-Simplicity Soft
  • Tempur-Simplicity Medium
  • Tempur-Simplicity Firm

Tempur-Simplicity Features:

  • $1499.00 price point for a flat Queen size set
  • Designed to absorb partners movements
  • Provide relief from pressure points
  • Deliver contouring support

The Tempur-simplicity addresses the main reason consumers give for not purchasing a Tempur-pedic mattress- they are too expensive.  The $1000 to $2000 market has now been opened up by Tempiur-pedic and already such notable publications and Forbes magazine are noticing and reporting Tempur-pedic is gaining momentum.  If you have thought about looking in to the Tempur-pedic products, this is your chance to see what the ‘Worlds most recommended mattress’ is all about and do it at a much more consumer friendly price.

tempur-pedic launches the Tempur-simplicity line

Tempur-pedic brings you the Tempur-simplicity line

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