Time for a new mattress?

When is it time for a new mattress?

When is it time for a new mattress?  Most mattresses come with warranties that cover them in some capacity for 10 to 20 years.  But how long does a mattress actually last and what are some of the signs that you may be in the market for a new mattress, whether you know it or not-

new mattress time

Sleeping poorly? May be new mattress time

New mattress tip off signs-

Mattress is more than 8 years old- as noted, most mattresses have a 10 to 20 year warranty, but do they really remain useful that long?  It may be time for a new mattress if your mattress 8 or 10 years old and exhibiting some of these other symptoms.

Aches and body pains after a night of sleep- We sleep to get rest, if you are not getting adequate rest, what’s the point.  Do you wake in the morning feeling more tired than when you went to bed?  Are you consistently sore or achy?  You probably need a new mattress.

Indentations, dents and saggy areas- Your mattress should provide a comfortable and supportive resting surface.  You should not see indentations or saggy areas.

It’s uncomfortable- Do you toss and turn at night?  This is often the result of pressure points.  Are you too hot or cold when you are sleeping?  These are symptoms that you probably do not have the best mattress for your specific sleeping needs.  Consider looking for a new mattress, and perhaps mattress type, to get a better nights sleep.

Your mattress sounds bad- Your mattress should not sound like an old car, squeaking and bumping and creaking.  This could be a sign something is wrong inside or that it is just wearing out (refer back to #1- the age of your mattress).  Probably time for a new mattress.

The mattress is not big enough- Did you get your current mattress when you were single?  Are you now married?  You need to consider the number and size of the people sleeping on a mattress- an old double may not do the job- could be time for a Queen or King size.

We spend a third of our life in bed, and the quality of your sleep has a direct impact on the quality of your life.  A mattress is an investment.  First, you need to get the best mattress for you.  Second, if it is no longer doing the job, it’s time to invest in a new mattress.   You deserve to be getting the best nights sleep possible.