Memory Foam- Choosing Sleep over Sex?

Memory Foam mattresses: Sleep over Sex?-

Memory foam mattresses have increased dramatically in popularity in the last decade.  In the last eight years alone the market share of memory foam mattresses has increased from 14% to 20% of the American mattress market.  This represents the fastest growing segment in the $4.6 Billion US wholesale mattress market.

Americans, especially Baby Boomers, have been embracing the Memory Foam mattresses as a way to improve their sleep experience, but at what cost to our, ahem, sex lives?

What is Memory Foam-

Memory Foam, developed by NASA in 1966, is a dense material filled with tiny air cells that compress and soften when pressure and heat are applied (via a body lying on top of it).  It is denser and more responsive to a body heat than standard mattress foam.  Cells closer to the body release air, allowing the memory foam to mold to the bodies shape to provide better support and a more relaxing sleep experience.

Sleep vs. Sex-

memory foam mattresses sleep or sex

Have Memory Foam mattresses driven sex from the bedroom?

So, sleeping on memory foam is supposed to feel like you are floating on the mattress, sinking in to it, with fewer pressure points that cause tossing and turning.  Memory foam molds to the body, evenly distributing your body weight.  Memory has been used widely for medical patients with sore necks and back pain.  As the Baby Boomers age and seek a better nights sleep, the number of Memory Foam mattresses bought has climbed steadily.

Sex on a memory foam mattress is a different matter it would seem.  Apparently Good Sleep = Bad Sex.  While a memory foam mattress provides support during sleep, it gives very little ‘traction’ during sex.  Gripes found on blog posts include:

  • No traction for knees and feet
  • Bottom person sinking in to the bed
  • Difficulty in changing positions
  • Difficulty in developing a ‘rhythm’

A traditional coil mattress provides more ‘bounce’, you can develop and maintain a better rhythm, change positions easier, gain traction, and basically have an easier sexual experience than on a memory foam mattress.

Sleep Like the Dead has done research on mattress types and sexual compatibility and found that 40% of Memory Foam mattress owners say sex is less than ideal, but, that 80% of memory foam mattress owners are satisfied with the sleep they get- the highest rate of satisfaction of any mattress segment on the market.

Baby Boomers buying Memory Foam-

People are working like crazy these days, and as the Baby Boomers age they are worried about getting enough sleep.  Additionally they are showing less interest in sex than prior generations.

  • Of Adults 45 and over, only 28% have sex once or more per week
  • Only 43% are satisfied with their sex lives (down from 51% in 200$)

As the popularity and market share of Memory Foam mattresses increases, it appears that people are in fact choosing sleep over sex-