Keetsa TwinXL

Keetsa TwinXL-

The Keetsa TwinXL is brought to you by Keetsa, an eco-friendly company committed to presenting a complete line of sleep products that have minimum impact on the environment.  Keetsa continuously works towards new innovations to create sleep products that families can purchase with confidence.   Keetsa seeks to recycle and use products with recycled materials, create a lower carbon footprint with low to zero emission products, and create a heightened awareness of sustainability.

The Keetsa TwinXL Denim Fabric mattress recently caught our eye and we wanted to bring it to your attention.

keetsa twinxl denim mattress

The Keetsa TwinXL Denim Mattress

Keetsa TwinXL:

The Keetsa TwinXL is a memory foam mattress with a Denim cover and is being brought to you in a ‘Back to School’ promotion being pitched as a great college mattress!

The Keetsa TwinXL is comprised of:

  • The Core- The combination of recyclable memory foam and other supportive foams creates a body conforming contour to cradle you with a pressure free sleep environment on your Keetsa TwinXL.
  • BioFoam- Memory foam made with a blend of natural and synthetic materials.  A portion of the synthetic aspect has been replaced with plant oil to reduce the need for chemicals and emission of harmful off-gassing.
  • All-Natural Ingredient- Everall natural green tea, is infused into the memory foam for lasting odor control (it will smell nice longer!).
  • The Cover- The Keetsa TwinXL cover is made from a 100% Cotton Denim fabric which is durable and stylish
  • Feel and Comfort- Keetsa TwinXL has medium firmness and comfort with pressure free support.
  • The Keetsa TwinXL complies with the federal fire safety standard and is free from PBDE’s.

Easy to buy and ship:

The Keetsa TwinXL comes conveniently packaged and ready to be opened and unrolled- Yes unrolled.  It is shipped in a rolled up package and then when opened, expands to it’s natural size.  This could not be easier to use for a college bound teen who needs to save on room as much as possible.

You can learn more about Keetsa and the Keetsa TwinXL mattress here.