Tempur-Breeze Technology

Tempur-Breeze Technology

Tempur-pedic continues to lead the way with its Tempur-Breeze technology.

Tempur-breeze works in three ways:

1)   Provides extra coolness where the body touches the mattress

2)   Helps regulate body heat for a more comfortable temperature throughout the night

3)   Channels heat away from the mattress

The Tempur-Breeze cover feels cool to the touch and wicks away moisture and heat from the body of the sleeper.

Tempur-Breeze featured in two new mattresses

The new Tempur-Breeze technology is featured in two new mattresses recently unveiled:

  • Tempur-Cloud Supreme Breeze
  • Tempur-Rhapsody Breeze

Tempur-pedic has been an industry leader in sleep climate optimization and the new beds offered bring the comfort, support and no motion transfer benefits that make Tempir-Pedic mattresses what they are today.  These new beds take an extra step in providing more comfort to those consumers who may ‘sleep hot’ and can use additional cooling mechanisms for total sleep comfort.

The new Tempur-Cloud Supreme Breeze and Tempur-Rhapsody Breeze will be available at retailers and via the Tempur-Pedic website beginning this month- September 2012.

The Tempure-Cloud Supreme Breeze offers an extra soft Tempur-Feel and Queen sets will retail for $3,499.

The Tempur-Rhapsody Breeze offers a medium-firm, deep Tempur-Feel and a Queen set will retail for $3,999.

Tempur-pedic brings you tempur-breeze technology

Tempur-Pedic brings you Tempur-Breeze technology