Mattress Covers

Mattress Covers-

Mattress Covers are also known as mattress pads, mattress protectors, or under pads are an important part of your bedding system.  They come in a wide variety of types, qualities and prices.  You can find one to fit your needs online, or at almost any bedding or department store.

Mattress Covers offer a number of benefits:

  • Protection from Dust Mites
  • Protection from Bed Bugs
  • Cut down on exposure to Allergens
  • Protect the mattress from liquids such as drool, urine, and other spills (coffee, soda, etc.)
  • Mattress covers are easier to clean than a mattress
Mattress Covers help protect the mattress

Mattress Covers help protect the mattress as well as the sleeper

Types of Mattress Covers include:

  • Basic Quilted- Cotton quilted design that has a light layer of polyester fill.  The cover has elastic edges and fits over your mattress.  Very Common.
  • Mattress Protector- Zippered design that covers/surrounds the whole mattress- protection is main goal.
  • Memory Foam- Memory Foam mattress covers represent the high end.  They are a synthetic material that changes its shape to fit your body.  Provides additional comfort as well as protection.
  • Down- another way to add comfort to a mattress, they help soften the feel of a firm mattress.

Mattress Covers function:

  • Protect the Mattress- a waterproof mattress cove will repel liquids like urine from bedwetting (babies and young children), as users get older you get spills from coffee and soda.  The protective aspect will prolong the life of your mattress.
  • Necessary for those who suffer from allergies to dust- mattress covers can seal in the dust mites to help prevent allergic reactions and other breathing problems caused by allergens.
  • Increased comfort of the bed- most mattress covers are available in natural cotton and offer additional padding for those who look for it.  Lightweight and comfortable, some are also manufactured to help control sleep temperature and comfort.  An added layer of cushioning can add a feeling of luxury and comfort.

In general, mattress covers are cost effective way to prolong the life of your mattress, keep it clean, protect the user from dust mites and allergens, and increase comfort for the user.

You can find mattress covers that run from a lower end of $20 or so, to a higher top end of close to or over $300.  Whatever you are looking for is out there.  Just note what you are seeking and begin your search.