Breathe Line from Spring Air

Breathe Line mattress collection

Spring Air mattress company has just launched the Breathe line mattress collection as the worlds first certified asthma and allergy friendly mattress.  Spring Air has long been an industry leader in new technologies and ‘Green’ mattresses (bringing you the Eco-friendly Sleep Sense Bio Max mattress), they now are launching the Breathe line, a collection of mattresses made from latex and memory foam that are meant to help asthma and allergy sufferers. Spring Air is kicking off a campaign for the new Breathe line mattresses that will also help focus on helping consumers reduce and prevent the spread of allergens all year round.

 Asthma and Allergen facts-

There has been a 100% increase in Americans suffering from allergies and asthma.

1 in 3 children in the US have been diagnosed with asthma, allergies or a respiratory ailment.

Over 50% of American households have someone living there with asthma or allergies.

In 2012 consumers will be spending more than $10 Billion to improve their indoor air quality.

An estimated 70 million US consumers have asthma and allergies and Spring Air wants to help them “Live Healthier” with a better sleeping environment and overall healthier home environment.

Mattresses are the #1 haven for allergens and respiratory irritants.

Breathe line mattresses will be certified asthma and allergy friendly.

These mattresses are certified to:

breathe line helps reduce allergens and dust mites

Spring Air Breathe line mattresses help reduce allergens and dust mites

The Breathe Line-

Breathe Line mattresses are made from latex and memory foam and as such they conform to your body for the rest you need to revive and rejuvenate.

Latex and memory foam mattresses reduce body pressure points and let the sleeper experience healthier comfort.

The Breathe Line is not just for those consumers suffering from the affects of asthma or allergens, they can help everyone benefit from a healthier sleeping environment.

The interior components of the mattress are free of harmful VOC’s and other allergen triggers, but it is recommended to use a certified top of the bed mattress cover in conjunction with the breathe mattress- which provides comfort and maximum protection.

Every component in the Breathe mattress is independently tested for longevity and allergy and asthma friendly benefits.