Spring Mattress Cleaning

Spring Mattress Cleaning-

Spring mattress cleaning should be an annual activity you do as you would everything else in your house.  The days are getting lighter and warmer, the sun is out, and now is the perfect time to freshen up things in your house.  You clean the rest of your house; it’s also a great time to mattress cleaning.  Tools for a good mattress cleaning can be found at many stores, and online.  These steps are suggested in the care and cleaning of your coil inner-spring mattress.

First step in mattress cleaning-

A great first step for mattress cleaning is to start with the bedding.   The sheets, the skirt, the mattress cover- wash it all.  There is nothing like the feeling of clean crisp sheets, well, it gets even better when the bed spread, the skirt and the mattress cover are all clean as well.

Mattress Cleaning- Box Spring and bed stand-

Next, take the mattress off the box spring and thoroughly vacuum the box spring.  Move the bed, mop and dust the floor as well.  Thoroughly dust any nightstands, bases and other furniture near and around the bed.  There has been a year (or more) build up.  This not only helps keep the area around your mattress clean, but helps cut down the dust and allergens that can make sleeping more difficult.  If you are going to do a thorough mattress cleaning, you may as well clean all around it as well.

Mattress Cleaning- the mattress-

Option 1- After laying the mattress back on the box spring, one thing you can do to freshen it up is to put baking soda (about a cup)- add a few drops of essential oils if you like a nice fragrance- into a mason jar and shake it up.  Pour the baking soda into a strainer and sprinkle it over the mattress and let it sit (up to an hour).

Take your vacuum again and use an effective attachment to thoroughly vacuum the mattress.  A mattress cleaning in this way helps lift dust mites, dirt and other nasty things away and off the mattress.  It helps to deodorize and leave the mattress smelling fresh and clean.

mattress cleaning with a vacuum

Mattress Cleaning with a Vacuum

Option 2- After removing all the bedding, skirts and mattress cover, let is sit for a bit to air out.  Once aired out, get the vacuum and give the mattress a thorough vacuuming.   Once the mattress has been completely vacuumed, continue the mattress cleaning by using upholstery cleaner on any surface stains.  Never clean a mattress using dry-cleaning fluid.  Next- flip the mattress over and switch the top to bottom, helping even out the wear of your mattress.  Finally, lightly spray the mattress with a fabric freshener before reapplying the sheets for a clean fresh smell.

mattress cleaning protects you

Mattress Cleaning helps protect you from these pests

So, you see that with just a few short steps, you can make mattress cleaning a part of your regular spring-cleaning routine.  This is your chance to help fight dirt, dust, mites, ,bed bugs and the other pests that can infest your mattress.  It’s a great way to make sure that at least once a year your mattress is getting a full once over.  Of course, you should be cleaning your bedding and sheets as often as necessary- to maintain a clean and fresh sleep environment.