Worlds Most Expensive Mattresses

Worlds Most Expensive Mattresses

Who makes the worlds most expensive mattresses?  How do you get one, and who even owns these?  These are the mattresses for the rich and famous, not the average consumer out looking for a comfortable mattress to spend the next 10 years of their life on.  The mattresses cost as much as a car, perhaps a house, and in one cases a small business.  Let’s have a little fun and see who makes the worlds most expensive mattresses.

The Worlds Most Expensive Mattress-

The Janjaap Ruijssenaars Floating Bed has to be at or near the top in cost of all the worlds’ most expensive mattresses.  Janjaap Ruijssenaars is a Dutch architect whose goal was to create a usable mattress that didn’t subscribe to the standard laws of gravity.  The Floating Bed uses opposing industrial sized magnets to keep it suspended about 18 inches (40cm) in the air.  The magnets are built in to the floor and the bed itself to repel each other and keep the bed suspended in air while thin steel cables hold the bed in place.  These magnets can hold up to almost a ton (900 kg), and the cost for a full size bed can run in the $1.6 Million range.  We have not been able to get a ‘feel’ for how comfortable the sleep experience is but the ‘Wow! Factor’ is off the charts!

Worlds most expensive mattresses- floating bed

The Janjaap Ruijssenaars Floating Bed


Vividus, made by Hastens, is quite possibly the most expensive bed in the world.  Hastens is a Swedish company that has been making beds since 1852.  Hastens’ mission is to change the world through sleep, as such they use only the finest natural materials in their beds: Horsehair, cotton, wool, flax and Swedish pine and steel.

Each Vividus mattress takes 140-160 hours to construct; they are built entirely by hand and made to order according to the customers’ specifications.  The Vividus bed comes in any size, support can be soft, medium or firm, and please allow six months for delivery.  The attention to detail, fine craftsmanship and ultra high end materials all contribute to make the Vividus by Hastens one of the worlds most expensive mattresses, checking at around $59,750.00.

worlds most expensive mattresses - vivdus

The Vividus Luxury Mattress

E. S. Kluft- Beyond Luxury Sublime-

One of the most expensive mattresses can be found here in the United States.  The E.S. Kluft Beyond Luxury Sublime mattress is handcrafted by a bedding artisan and made with a blend of cashmere, silk, exotic wools, high quality horsehair, certified organic cotton and all-natural Talalay latex.  One of the most expensive mattresses in America is truly luxurious and comfortable.

E.S. Kluft is the brainchild of Earl Kluft and is dedicated to creating enduring personal sleep luxury.  Earl helped create the original luxury mattress Chattam & Wells.  The Earl is the brainchild behind their patented mattress design: the Fill Chamber that features a unique upholstery filled coil chamber for a more comfortable longer life with less motion and partner disturbance.

If you have $44,000.00, you too can experience the E.S. Kluft Beyond Luxury Sublime mattress, one of the world’s most expensive mattresses.

worlds most expensive mattresses Kluft Sublime

E S Kluft Beyond Luxury Sublime Mattress

Hypnos- an English Masterpiece-

Hypnos is a luxury mattress manufacturer located in England and can be considered to rank in the conversation about the worlds’ most expensive mattresses.  Hypnos offers over 100 years of bedmaking experience and their philosophy focuses on the pursuit of perfection and the delivery of a deep and energizing nights sleep.   Their artisan bedmakers combine the pressure relieving pocket springs with layers of the finest natural materials to ensure the Hypnos reputation for making the most comfortable beds in the world.

This is most exemplified in their top of the line Regency Collection.  Every mattress in the Regency collection has been carefully considered to provide the ultimate in luxury, comfort ad total body support for a heavenly nights sleep. The Regency Collection embraces the values of comfort, design and style, and the idea that everyone is unique- weight, size and age, to create a bed individually tailored to the client.   Each mattress is individually designed and upholstered by hand with exquisite silk infused Belgian Damask, elegant designs and tailored with the finest hand made wool tufts and traditional side stitching.   A Hypnos mattress bed system can go as high in cost as $15,000.oo, qualifying it as one of the world’s most expensive mattresses.

worlds most expensive mattresses Hypnos

Hypnos Regency St James Mattress

There you go, a quick look at some of the world’s most expensive mattresses.  Hooray for you if these are in your future, they make the promise of the finest materials, green and organic and the ultimate in sleeping comfort.