Comfort Solutions Sleep iD

Comfort Solutions Sleep iD (Individual Comfort Solutions)-

The Comfort Solutions Sleep ID mattress collection uses the latest in mattress support technology, the BodyMatch Program, to help you make an informed mattress purchase decision .  The BodyMatch Program identifies the recommended support size for different body sizes so your side of the bed fits you personally.

The Comfort Solutions Sleep iD  gives you an opportunity for a customized dual comfort sleep system.  By using the BodyMatch Program, Comfort Solutions is able to recommend a support range of 1-4.  You will take the 1 through 4 rating and then learn more about the Sleep iD mattress collection and the specific comfort design series of A, B, C, and D that include conforming and individually wrapped coils topped with high performance foam layers.

Click here for a look at how the BodyMatch Program works.

The Comfort Solutions Sleep iD mattress collection series mattresses-

A Series: The starting series features options in 1 or 2 form fitting individually wrapped coil spring firmnesses.  These spring systems are then placed, in a foam encased core, on the left or right side depending on order to size, and topped with upholstery layers that are a combination of high performance, eco-friendly poly-soy foams in strategic layers to fit body type.

B Series: The B Series substitutes the element of Talalay Latex foam for the Poly Foam in the A Series.  This provides for greater durability and sleeping comfort in the upper most layers, nearest the body.  The Latex foam costs a bit more, but it is generally accepted that the value and comfort it brings is worth the extra expense.  Latex is known to be among the most supportive and comfortable cushioning layers out there.

C Series: The C Series let’s you choose the value in high-density memory foam layers above the foam encased spring systems.  The continued increase in the popularity of memory foam is complimented in the program by the comfort coils below as opposed to designs that offer less air flow and breathability by using a solid layer of polyurethane foam for support.  As with the Latex designs, this option provides a high conformity and supportive option that is very durable and feels good too.

Delta Series: note: For years science referred to DELTA Sleep (sleep stages 3 and 4) as the level of sleep found top be the deepest and most restorative.  At Comfort Solutions the mission is to bring the best opportunity for this level of sleeping comfort into their Elite edition of the Sleep iD program with the DELTA Series.  Starting with a super stretch smooth quilt cover for maximum conformity to the body, DELTA Series models 1 through 4 put the sleeper closer to the deeper layers of upholstery toppers just below that surface.  As with the A, B, and C series, Comfort Solutions Delta Series utilizes options in firm or plush wrapped individual coils in a foam encased core.

Comfort Solutions Support Sizes:

Size 1: Designs that are most suited to bodies that might purchase clothes in the Small sizes.  Or, perhaps a tall and thin person may find comfort in a Size 1 Support size.

Size 2: The most common in clothing sizes and Medium and Large, these sizes account for the largest group of people in the research.  If you are factored to a Size 2, you will also get an alternate size option to consider that will either be downward to 1 or up scale to 3, depending on your proximity to true 2.  Also, it is factored in as to whether you are a side, back or stomach sleeper.

Size 3: Size 3 are also quite common (along with 2’s).  Size 3 support uses firmer coil spring elements and stronger upholstery foams.  An Alternate size is also suggested for consideration.

Size 4: Designed for those who are above the average size ranges of medium and large.  The most supportive spring systems and the best foam layers for density and durable comfort are used.

The Comfort Solutions Sleep iD  support sizes guidance system is an aid in determining adequate support, but you should always take time in the showroom to lay on a mattress, try different sleeping position and get a feel for how your body reacts to it.  Comfort Solutions Sleep iD has the capability to help determine the  comfort needs of you and your partner.


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