Comfort Solutions History

Comfort Solutions History-

Comfort Solutions/King Koil Mattresses-

Comfort Solutions/King Koil mattresses is a United States based mattress and bedding company/brand that can be found in over 70 countries world wide.  Comfort Solutions started out as King Koil in 1898  and was founded in St. Paul Minnesota by Samuel Bronstein.  He started with a small factory and six employees.  The company is now based in Willowbrook, Illinois.  King Koil grew throughout the 1900’s and expanded domestically and globally to become an industry leader.  King Koil received many distinctions, including endorsement by the International Chiropractic Association (ICA) and the Foundation for Chiropractic Education and Research (FCER).

The new millennium brought more innovations to the organization.  Specialty sleep focus utilizing cutting edge foam and other materials changed the face of King Koil, and in 2004 the name was changed to Comfort Solutions.  Comfort Solutions captures the spirit of the various technologies and trends and is dedicated to helping people find their proper sleep solution.

Comfort Solutions offers Sleep iD- Individual Comfort Solutions.  The Sleep iD mattress collection helps shoppers make an informed decision using what Comfort Solutions has to offer in the latest mattress support technology- the BodyMatch Program.  BodyMatch identifies the appropriate support size for different body sizes so your side of the bed fits you personally.  Sleep iD from Comfort Solutions offers you an opportunity to have a customized dual comfort sleep system.  Sleep iD is based on a comfort support range of 1 to 4 and then applied to a design series of A,B,C, or D that include conforming and individually wrapped coils topped by high performing foam layers.   The hardware and software is in the Comfort Solutions showrooms and your individual comfort sleep solution can be worked up right there while you wait.

King Koil Comfort Solutions lines of mattresses include:

  • King Koil Spine Support- the company’s original product line, traditional innerspring mattresses that emphasize proper sleeping posture and are endorsed by chiropractors.  The King Koil are designed to provide great value and excellent comfort.  Their prices are the most reasonable of Comfort Solutions offered lines and compete with mid range products form the large manufacturers like Simmons.  They offer firmness levels of firm, plush, pillow top and euro box top
  • XL Extended Life-Built for larger sleepers who need a stronger King Koil mattress with better support.  The inner-springs used in the mattresses are a heavier gauge steel and are interlocking instead of individually pocketed, this increases strength and durability.  The Comfort layer uses latex and memory foam, as well as special extended life foam, which has more resiliency and better support.  Firmness levels are firm, extra firm and luxury firm.
  • Laura Ashley- Comfort Solutions designer bedding line, similar to the Vera Wang line from Serta.  They have creative and artful designs and themes which are unique and won’t be found anywhere else.  The target audience in women with a flair for style and are available in basic models as well as the more expensive Laura Ashley Luxury and Elite lines.
  • Natural Response- Comfort Solutions top of the line luxury brand.  Advanced bedding technology is combined with only the finest materials and fabrics.  A new type of latex was developed called Ventilex which is supposed to be able to regulate body temperature to keep the sleeper more comfortable and eliminate pressure points.  These mattresses are meant to be very pampering and are quite expensive.

If you are looking for a mattress tailor made for you, find the nearest King Koil Comfort Solutions retailer and have a Sleep iD done to determine your perfect sleeping solution.

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