iMattress from Comfort Solutions

Comfort Solutions new iMattress line

iMattress from Comfort Solutions is designed for those sleepers who like the unique feel and superior comfort of a memory foam mattress but want relief from the hotter sleeping surface.

The iMattress has your memory foam mattress qualities with a cooler conformance.  Using iFusion technology, visco memory foam is infused with a cooling gel to provide you all the benefits of memory foam with the added benefit of the cooler sleep surface.

iMattress cool technologies:

iFusion- The iMattress has been designed with the latest sleep technology- iFusion.  iFusion combines memory foam with gel cells to result in a cooler, conforming sleep.  iFusion is 12 times more breathable than standard memory foam to create the cooler sleeping surface.

imattress features infusion for cool gel feel

iMattress features iFusion for that cool gel feel

Natural AirFlo- Cylindrical chamber cutouts are employed throughout the iFusion style foam mattresses to allow maximum breathability and airflow.  Theses cylindrical chambers allow heat to disperse away from your body and increase air ‘exchange’ up to 400%.

Fresh Tec- Driven by Baking Soda, Fresh Tec eliminates odors and provides a hypo-allergenic sleeping environment.  In the iMattress, Fresh Tec reduces the harsh chemical odors associated with memory foam, while retaining freshness over the life of the mattress by NOT absorbing odors.

iMattress Series:

Both the G and Xs Series Feature-

  • Pressure relieving support: Conforming properties of memory foam in the iMattress are known for reducing pressure points that cause tossing and turning.
  • Firmer Support: High Performane Density Foam provides additional firm support to provide firm support as well as the conformity of memory foam.
  • Instant Natural Conformance: Slotex Latex is breathable, hypo-allergenic and conforms to your body while allowing free movement.
  • Conforming Support: iFusion technology gently conforms to your body.
  • Reduced Motion Disturbance: If your partner moves or gets up in the middle of the night- you won’t.
  • Sleep Cooler: The open cell structure of iFusion permits increased airflow that helps transfer heat away from your body.
  • More Breathable: With the added layer of open cell memory foam, airflow is increased to reduce absorption of body heat.
  • Adjustable Base friendly: All iMattress sleep systems are compatible with the motion base foundation that adjusts at both the head and foot.

The iMattress is the next step in memory foam mattress technology and comfort, stop by a local retailer and see just how much comfort a new iMattress can provide.

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