Magniflex Mattresses

Magniflex Mattress Company-

Magniflex Mattress Company is a well-respected Italian mattress manufacturing firm that covers and sells in more than 70 nations.  Magniflex has worked in the sleep industry for over 50 years and leads with a research objective to achieve wellness and maintain an equilibrium and respectful relationship between man and nature.  Magniflex has grown to become the largest mattress manufacturer in Italy, and distinguished itself as one of the 5oo most dynamic companies in Europe for two years in a row.

The Magniflex Philosophy-

The Magniflex philosophy and focus states that “In the same way a good diet nourishes the body, rest nourishes the mind.”  This is followed when creating all their sleep products- actively researching and conducting studies in the area of sleep and relaxation, exploring new methods and materials to combine and create bedding products that will improve total well being for the body and mind.  Magniflex uses only top quality materials that have been tested and certified by ;

leadning European testing laboratories in cooperation with LGA and Dupont.  Component pieces are tested for flammability and certified according to national standards.  Products are certified by the Oko-Test to guarantee the absence of allergens and substances that may be harmful to a sleeper’s health.

The Magniflex Ethic-

Magniflex believes that environmental safety, for both employees and customers, and safeguarding the Earth’s natural resources must play an integral part in the manufacturing process.  Only in the selection of materials that have undergone the strictest quality tests in terms of environment and performance, can they do their part in protecting the planet.

The Magniflex Vacuum Packed Mattress (patented)-

magniflex patented vacuum packaging

Magniflex patented vacuum packaging

Debuted in 1986, Magniflex began a rapid expansion after receiving a patent for vacuum-compression technology.  The mattress volume is reduced by 90%, allowing expansion into markets previously served solely by local manufacturers.  The mattress is roll-compressed, assuring you of receiving a clean and hygienically sealed product.  Easier to ship, easier to receive and move around, less likelihood of damage to your walls and all you do is pull the tabs and the mattress unrolls to its original ‘loft’ within minutes.

The Magniflex Mattress Lines:

1) Magniflex Line-

  • The first line they distributed all over the world and is composed of mattresses in Memoform Magnifoam and Waterlattex.  The line also includes the Memoform Magnifoam Pillow Top sommier and a number of additional Memoform Magnifoam accessories.
  • For luxurious tastes, there is the Luxury Line made of mattresses and accessories covered in silver, gold and platinum fabrics.

2) Naturally Magniflex-

  • The Goethic Collection that brings a sleep ethic that realizes the dream of living with nature, resting in tune with the natural environment and a quality sleep serving as the foundation of a healthy life.

Magniflewx Retailers and Showrooms are located in 17 States and across Canada.  You can get a full listing of the locations and their online access here.

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