Sealy History

Sealy History:

Sealy- The Sealy Mattress company’s stated mission is “to help the world sleep better”.  Sealy has been doing this since it’s inception in 1881 when Daniel Haynes, a cotton gin builder, began making cotton filled mattresses for his friends and neighbors. The town he lived in was Sealy, Texas, just outside of Houston.  The mattresses that Haynes was making were so well received that he began to get more requests as the word spread.  As he continued to make the mattresses he patented a few inventions used in their manufacturing, and in 1889 Haynes patented a machine that compressed cotton for use in the mattresses.  As the reputation and orders for his mattresses spread further from the immediate area, the mattresses began to be known as the ‘mattresses from Sealy’.

In 1906 Daniel Haynes sold the patents and manufacturing know how to another Texas company that retained the Sealy name.  An ad exec for the company, Earl Edwards, took the company to a national scale and came up with the slogan that “Sleeping on a Sealy was like sleeping on a cloud”.  Sealy mattresses became a phenomenon and expansion was next.  The company didn’t have sufficient capital to build all it’s own facilities, so it followed a ‘licensing’ model and by 1920 Sealy, according to it’s website, had 23 licensed plants (franchises essentially) across the United States.

The great depression hit the country hoard and the Sealy company was no exception.  Sealy lost most of it’s licensees and barely avoided bankruptcy itself.  To stay afloat, the remaining licensees combined with Sealy to form what was to become known as Sealy, Inc.  It was during this time also though that a new product was introduced- The Button Free innerspring Mattress-, which provided a much smoother laying space.

In the years to follow, Sealy would continue to pursue the mission of helping the world sleep better and came up with such advances as the Posturepedic Mattress, the first company to display and advertise a  King Size bed, and put together an Orthopedic Advisory Board that was comprised of doctors, clinicians, and orthopedic surgeons who assist in the design of their Posturepedic mattresses.  Sealy continually is working on ways to advance and upgrade the technology they use for the design and production of their mattresses.  In the 1970’s they redesigned the innerspring coils to be specifically designed for greater support and comfort, as well as redesigning the box springs used in their bedding sets to use torsion bars rather than springs and thus calling them ‘foundations’.

In 1983 Sealy purchased the Stearns and Foster Company.  Sealy has integrated the Stearns and Foster line to become known as their higher end design mattresses.

Most Recently, Sealy has introduced the “Embody by Sealy” line of mattresses.  These mattresses bring the new idea of ‘Health’ to the mattress surface.  Using progressive latex and memory foams, the embody by Sealy mattresses are bringing healthier sleep surfaces and room environments to consumers.  The foams used in both the memory foam and latex foam Embody mattresses have no formaldehyde or other ozone depleting chemicals and are also anti-microbial (resistant to dust mites and microbes).  The foams also have enhanced ‘breathability” which increases their ability to maintain a comfortable temperature.  Additionally,  Sealy Embody uses a fabric made by Polartec that is called Body Climate and has air channels to help remove the moisture and and maintain a drier more comfortable sleeping surface.

Sealy became a privately held corporation in 1989 when a leveraged buyout occurred and they remained that way until a 2006 Public Offering took them public again.  Sealy is traded on the New York exchange and has a symbol of ZZ.

Today Sealy has manufacturing plants in the United States and throughout the world in countries such as Australia, the Bahamas, Israel, Jamaica, Japan, New Zealand, the UK and South Africa.  They have been the market share leader for the last 30 years.

Today the Sealy Brands and Mattress types offered include:

  • Sealy Brand: Innerspring, Memory foam and Latex
  • Sealy Posturepedic: Innerspring
  • Embody by Sealy: Memory Foam and Latex
  • Stearns and Foster: Innerspring

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