Perfect Day by Serta

Perfect Day by Serta Line-

The Perfect Day mattress by Serta is a new premium mattress collection designed to give you a rejuvenating nights sleep for more energy during the day.   The Serta Perfect Day mattress uses the most current, advanced comfort and support technology and features to address the most common sleeping problems so you get a deeper sleep allowing you to wake feeling refreshed.

Beautifully designed mattresses feature white crystal fabric along the mattress borders that sparkles next to the contrasting charcoal gray foundation creating a fresh, modern finish.

The Perfect Day mattresses feature Serta’s most advanced support system to date, the Free Flex 3D innerspring with Pillow Soft Coils- designed to provide comfort and support to every aspect of your body.  Additionally, the Perfect Day Mattresses also feature Serta’s exclusive Cool Nature Comfort Quilt Plus, combining temperature regulating latex foam and fibers to regulate the sleep surface temperature for a more comfortable nights sleep.

The new Perfect Day by Serta mattress collection boasts some of today’s most advanced mattress technologies including:

  • Cool Nature Comfort Quilt Plus with Ultra Fresh Technology
  • Free Flex 3D Support System with PillowSoft Coils
  • Total Edge Complete Foam Encasement
  • Position Perfect Handle System

Standard Perfect Day Mattress Features:

Cool Nature Comfort Quilt Plus with Ultra Fresh Technology: Serta combines temperature regulating Cool Nature Latex Foam with their patented Advanced Comfort Quilt pressure-relieving system right at the surface of the mattress.  Cool Nature latex foam actually absorbs and releases heat as needed to keep the mattress surface at a comfortable temperature throughout the night.  Combined with the Advanced Comfort Quilt, the system helps reduce pressure points so you get a more comfortable and restful sleep.

Free Flex Innerspring with 5 Zoned Support: Serta’s Free Flex Innerspring with 5-Zoned Support is specifically engineered for the human body.  Zones of single and double rows of coil mirror the body’s shape providing additional support where the body needs it most.  The patented innerspring design combines the support and stability of Serta’s continuous coil mattress technology with an advanced open coil design allowing each coil to independently conform and respond to pressure and set your Perfect Day mattress apart.

Position Perfect Mattress Handle System: Serta’s unique inlaid Position Perfect mattress handles allow you to easily position and rotate your Perfect Day mattress as needed without the worry of tearing or damaging the handles.

Total Edge Foam Encasement: Serta exclusively offers the combination of an advanced encasement design plus a border rod for superior edge support around the mattress, creating a total edge to edge sleeping surface and eliminating potential edge “roll off”.

Additional Serta Perfect Day mattress Features Available:

Free Flex 3D Support System with PillowSoft Coils: Serta’s most advanced comfort and support system.  Starting with the Free Flex innerspring, made with 5 zones of single and double rows of coils to mirror the body shape, and topped with hundreds of individually wrapped PillowSoft coils that work independently to absorb motion, reducing motion disruption.

KoolComfort Memory Foam Cushions: Serta’s unique KoolComfort Memory Foam provides pressure-relieving comfort and promotes a comfortable sleep surface temperature throughout the night.  The open-cell structure of the memory foam allows it to breathe up to 95% more than traditional memory foams, providing a cooler surface, without uncomfortable heat build up all the while contouring to your sleep position.

Serta Memory Foam: Space age Visco elastic Memory Foam gently conforms to your body and contours to your sleeping position.  Memory Foam helps to reduce pressure points that can cause a disrupted night of sleep.

Serta Smart Support: A revolutionary, medically proven technology senses when to remain firm and when to comfortably release, providing unsurpassed combination of pressure relief, back support and correct spinal alignment.  Columns of temperature neutral material respond individually to each person regardless of weight or sleep position, so you receive individualized comfort and support without motion transfer.

Serta Talalay Latex Cushions: Serta’s Talalay Latex is the most advanced, breathable and resilient latex foam available today.  Cushions of Talalay Latex Foam surround your body and responds instantly for superior pressure point relief so you sleep more comfortably throughout the night.  Talalay Latex is also naturally antimicrobial and allergen free.

Serta Perfect Day Mattresses are available in the following Comfort Choices:

  • Ultra Cushion Top
  • Pillow Top
  • Euro-Top
  • Plush
  • Firm

Serta Perfect Day mattresses come with a 20 year warranty.


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