Serta Mattress Comfort

Serta Mattress Comfort Options:

It is always recommended that you test the different comfort options available as comfort is a personal preference.  Mattress comfort is what you feel on the surface when you lie down.  Support is what comes from the innerspring or foam core in the mattress.  The fewer comfort layers there are, the closer you sleep to the support system.  All Serta models, firm and soft, are designed to provide proper back support.

Mattress Comfort choices available for the Serta mattress lines include:

Serta Pillow Top Mattress- Serta Pillow Top models feature an additional layer of upholstery at the top of the mattress for additional softness at the sleep surface.  The additional layer allows you to be slightly further from the support system, giving a softer feel but still getting the benefits of the support.  Softer than a Euro Top Model, the Pillow Top is recommended fro sleepers preferring a cradling mattress comfort while still seeking proper back support.

Serta Ultra Cushion Top Mattress- The softest of all Serta models.  Similar to the Pillow Top in its tailoring and featuring the additional upholstery layer at the top of the mattress.  Extra layers of comfort at the top of the mattress for more gentle cushioning are what make the Ultra Cushion Top different.  The Ultra Cushion Top is recommended for sleepers who prefer a luxuriously soft sleep surface while still feeling the benefits of proper back support.

Serta Euro Top Mattress- Euro Top features an additional upholstery layer at the mattress top for added softness on the sleep surface- similar to the Pillow Top.  What’s different is the Euro Top tailoring- which creates a slightly firmer feel than a Pillow Top.  The Euro Top is recommended for sleepers who prefer the feel of an additional upholstery layer, but want a slightly firmer feel than the Pillow Top.

Serta Plush Mattress- Serta’s Traditional Plush model offers classic tailoring, but more “give”(softness) at the sleep surface when compared to the traditional Firm model.  Additional plush comfort layers provide the difference in feel.  The Plush model does not have the additional upholstery layer found in Pillow and Euro Top models.  Plush is recommended for those who prefer a softer feel than firm, but without additional upholstery layers.

Serta Firm Mattresses- Serta’s traditional firm model offers classic tailoring with fewer plush comfort layers at the sleep surface.  You will feel the support system more prominently and there won’t be as much ‘give’ or softness at the sleep surface when compared to traditional plush models.  This is the firmest of all Serta models and is recommended for sleepers who prefer a harder sleeping surface.



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