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Select Comfort:

Select Comfort was founded in 1987 by Bob and JoAnn Walker in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Select Comfort has over 30 issued or pending patents and they are best known for their Sleep Number Beds.  The Sleep Number beds use air chamber technology, air mattresses, to provide a mattress that allows the sleeper to set the firmness they desire- the users ‘sleep number’.  The settings can be adjusted at any time, so as your sleep and comfort needs change, so too can your beds firmness.  In addition to the Sleep Number beds, Select Comfort offers foundations, bedding accessories and a line of specialized mattresses.

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Select Comfort offers sleep number beds and more

Select Comfort Products:

Select Comfort products are sold through 400 company owned stores located throughout the United States, direct marketing operations, and online via the company website at  These delivery channels account for 90 percent of the companies sales.  Select Comfort also uses a wholesale channel that partners with QVC shopping network as well as business partners in Canada, Australia, Alaska and Hawaii.  There is also incidental wholesale activity with select hospitality groups and institutions.

The Sleep Number beds are available in 8 models, including the Sleep Number c2, c3, c4, p5, p6, p7, i8, and i10.  Most of these mattresses are offered in Twin, Full, Queen, King, California King and specialty sizes.

The Sleep Number lines offered are:

The Sleep Number Classic Series– (models c2, c3, and c4)- The classic design that launched a revolution.  These beds offer personal adjustability at an affordable price.  The user can adjust the firmness of the mattress with the touch of a button to get the best sleep.

The Sleep Number Performance Series– (models p5, p6, and p7)- The most popular sleep number models, the Performance Series offers enhanced adjustable performance, comfort and great value.  You will experience the custom comfort and support of an adjustable mattress.

The Sleep Number Innovation Series– (models i8 and i10)- The premier experience with temperature balancing material combined with cutting edge innovation in sleep technology.  The Innovation Series offers memory foam mattresses for personalized comfort and body contouring support.

The Select Comfort Specialty Mattress Series includes:

Recreational Vehicle (RV) Mattresses– Select Comfort offers the RV Deluxe and the RV Premier are offered as replacements for factory installed mattresses.  Both mattresses offer breathable fabric and extra cushioning and support material.  The RV Premier has two inches of Select Comforts exclusive ‘Intralux’ comfort material that gives three unique zones of responsive and resilient comfort.

Waterbed Replacement Series– The Select Comfort waterbed mattresses are designed to match your existing waterbed furniture.  They are available in the Super Queen (60” x 84”) and Super King (72” x 84”) sizes and offered in the Sleep Number model p5 bed.  The mattress comes as an 11 inch European Style Pillow top featuring a soft knit that’s breathable for comfortable sleep.  The mattress also has the two inches of ‘Intralux’ comfort material and offers three unique zone to naturally support your body’s curves.

The Grand King Sleep Number bed allows you to stretch out for the ultimate in luxury and comfort.  The Grand King measures a whopping 80” x 98”, offering a full 30% increase in sleeping space over traditional Kings, and comes in the Sleep Number i8 model.  The 12 inch Pillow top sleeping surface features smooth breathable fabric that is softened with Aloe Vera, and ‘Outlast’ temperature balancing material minimizes the temperature swings that can disrupt your sleep.  There is also a three inch layer of the exclusive ‘Intralux’ comfort material to provide contouring support with five unique zones to naturally support body curves.

The Expanded (Olympic Size) Queen Sleep Number Bed increases your sleeping area by 10% compared to traditional Queen sized mattresses.  The Expanded Queen measures 66” x 80” (six inches wider than a traditional Queen) and comes in the Sleep Number models: p5, p6, p7, i8, and i10.

Select Comfort products include a full line of bedding accessories to complement their mattress lines.  From pillows (all natural, memory foam, adjustable, traditional, any choices), to Bedding and Sheets, Mattress Pads and Frames (adjustable and standard), you can find everything you may need online, and many samples in their store showrooms.

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