Sleep Number Classic Series

Sleep Number Beds Classic Series-

The Sleep Number Bed Classic Series has 4 models, the c2, c3, c4 and cSE.  The sleep number classic line is the original model that launched the sleep number revolution!  The classic series is a great value that delivers all the benefits with value added extras so you get great value and the sleep number comfort.

c2 Sleep Number bed:

Sleep Numbers’ original model that’s a great value.  Queen set prices start at just $999.98.  The plush style mattress is enhanced with breathable fabric and extra gentle cushioning.  The non-digital remote allows you to set the firmer/softer adjustments.

Firmness settings adjust on each side and the c2 features:

  • 8 inch plush style mattress
  • Breathable knit fabric
  • Wired, Non digital remote

 c3 Sleep Number Bed:

The sleep number original mattress system that is enhanced with a layer of plush comfort material and a digital Sleep Number Remote to let you adjust your comfort at the touch of a button.  Queen prices start at just $1299.98,

The c3 model offers:

the sleep number digital remote

The Sleep Number easy to use wireless Digital Remote

  • Firmness adjustment for each side
  • 9-inch Plush Style mattress
  • Layer of comfort material
  • Wireless digital remote

c4 Sleep Number Bed:

Here you step up to affordable Pillow Top Luxury, with a breathable knit sleeping surface and contouring comfort material.  Queen size beds start at just $1599.98.

c4 Sleep number beds offer:

  • Firmness adjusts on each side
  • 10 inch European style pillow top mattress
  • 1 ½ inch layer of contouring comfort material with 5 comfort zones.
  • Wireless digital remote

cSE Sleep Number Classic Edition:

The classic bed design has been enhanced with a layer of ventilated support for more comfort.  Great for couples, a unique affordable bed that is being offered for a limited time only and has Queen sets starting at $1899.98.

cSE highlighted features include:

  • 10 inch European style pillow top
  • Sleek, smooth knit surface
  • 1 ½ inches of the latest ventilated support

The sleep number classic series offers the original technology with modern updates to make it a great value.

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