Sleep Number Innovation Series

Sleep Number Innovation Series-

Sleep Number Innovation Series beds offer the highest levels of comfort, quality and Innovation available.  You will find top quality comfort layers for support, temperature balancing, and the famous Sleep Number dual air controls to set your personal comfort level.  The Sleep Number Innovation Series offers three distinctive models starting at $2799.98 for a Queen Size set.

The New Sleep Number Innovation Series i8 Bed:

The new Sleep Number Innovation Series i8 bed features innovations for total sleeping comfort and Queen Size sets start as low as $2799.98.  Such things as a luxury comfort layer for maximum comfort, and temperature balancing to keep you from sleeping too warm or too cool.  The i8 Innovation Series bed has:

  • The Exclusive Sleep Number DualAir Technology to let you quietly adjust the firmness on each side of the mattress with a wireless remote that even features a memory button.
  • 13-inch Duvet-style Pollowtop with temperature balancing technology to minimize temperature swings that can be uncomfortable.
  • 3-inch exclusive comfort layer that contours to your body and naturally supports your curves.
  • An addittionla layer of foam to offer enhanced comfort and support.

 The New Sleep Number Innovation Series i10 Bed:

The all new Sleep Number Innovation Series i10 bed offers you dual layer design that let’s you personalize your comfort, as well as temperature balancing.  Starting at just $4199.98, the Sleep Number i10 bed gives you the ultimate in personalized comfort with:

sleep number innovation series i10 bed

The New Sleep Number Innovation Series i10 Mattress

  • Exclusive Sleep Number DualAir technology so you can quietly adjust firmness on each side of the mattress using two wireless remotes with memory buttons.
  • 15-inch Duvet-style Pillowtop that offers their highest level of plush comfort.
  • Dual Layer design that lets you personalize your comfort with new conforming memory foam and an added layer of support.
  • Advanced temperature balancing and moisture wicking technologies that keep you sleeping comfortably for the life of your mattress.

 The Sleep Number Innovation Series iLE Bed:

The Sleep Number Innovation Series iLE bed brings you conforming support and soothing comfort at a fantastic price starting at just $4199.98 for Queen Size sets.  You will receive such features as:

  • The Exclusive DualAir Technology for adjustable firmness on each side.
  • 14-inch Duvet-style Pillowtop
  • Dual Layer design that lets you personalize your comfort
  • Sleep Number Innovation at an exceptional price.

Sleep Number offers an array of bases on which to put your Innovation Series Sleep Number Bed-

Bases available with the Sleep Number Innovation Series include:

  • Modular Base that provides a firm, level surface.  It replaces a traditional box spring and has durable long lasting material and an easy to move component design.
  • Flex Fit- a fully adjustable base with a wired remote control allowing you to quietly adjust the head and foot of the bed and it fits standard bedroom furniture.
  • Flex Fit + is the premier choice in adjustable comfort with wireless controls, a massage feature and a special design to keep the bed close to the wall and nightstand.  Flex Fit+ also fits standard bedroom furniture.

The Sleep Number Beds also come with a 20 year limited warranty on the mattresses and bases.

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