Chattam and Wells

Chattam and Wells Series:

Spring Air presents the Chattam and Wells mattress series-

Chattam and Wells by Spring Air

The Chattam and Wells Mattress Collection

The Chattam and Wells series is the luxury mattress line from Spring Air.   Chattam and Wells is known for a commitment to luxury sleeping comfort and fine hand craftsmanship.

Fine hand craftsmanship and luxury comfort are the signature characteristics of Chattam and Wells- hand tailoring and the highest quality fabrics and materials, are all part of a tradition of high standards established in 1997 by the Kluft family.

Chattam and Wells quality has remained consistent and constant over time, continuing a tradition to deliver what today’s consumer wants- Quality and Fine Craftsmanship.

Chattam and Wells quality craftsmanship and finest quality materials include:

  • 700 Series Conforma Coil- 5 zone individually encased 768-coil unit.
  • Innertufted Upholstery- A process by which the upholstery layers on the mattress are compressed and affixed to the innerspring unit to add stability and durability to the upholstery materials and sleep surface.
  • Patented Eco-Wood Base- Both the weight of the mattress and sleeper are supported by this patented Eco-wood base.
  • Joma Wool– Used in the quilted sleeping surface of each mattress, Joma wool creates a micro climate that assists in regulating body temperature and humidity, providing a more restful nights sleep.
  • Talalay- Natural foam rubber provides greater pressure relief than any other cushioning material.  Talalay latex rubber used in Chattam and Wells mattresses is washed 5 times to ensure removal of natural proteins that can cause allergic reactions.
  • SMT Visco Foam- High density contoured foam for greater conformability to the body.

Crown Collection– The Chattam and Wells most affordable mattress collection is an exceptional value with the premium heavy duty innerspring system, exclusive Chattam edge, cashmere padding and layers of innertufted cotton

Triple Crown Collection– The Chattam and Wells Triple Crown models contain a higher degree of craftsmanship and construction.  Premium, heavy duty zoned innerspring mattress system, exclusive Chattam edge and layers of innertufted cotton, as well as additional luxury with the Chattam portrain edge and hand assembled 8 way hand tied foundations.

Royal European Collection– A real tour-de-force. Extraordinary levels of comfort through the use of premium foams and components, including the Royal European dual encased innerspring, innertufted cotton layers, a hand crafted foam edge and the 8 way hand tied foundations.  These models also feature the Royal Silhouette top treatment for unsurpassed comfort and support.

20 year non-prorated warranty

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