Spring Air History

Spring Air Mattresses:

Spring Air Mattresses were founded in 1926 by Francis Karr and since then has widely been recognized as a leader and innovator in the mattress industry.   Karr himself developed a ‘free-end offset coil design’ that adjusts to each sleeper’s weight, and is tone of he most copied design in the bedding industry.  Spring Air mattresses were a group of licensees that produced the mattresses in different areas around the country and eventually throughout the world.  Today, according to the Spring Air website, there are 13 domestic factories and 22 international licensees that are operating in 32 countries worldwide.

Throughout it’s history, Spring air has introduced and developed an impressive list of advancements and innovations to it’s products:

  • In the late 1940’s, Spring Air introduced button free technology, quilted surfaces and extra support bedding material.
  • 1953 brought the debut of it’s “Health Center” mattress, which featured ‘zones’ for different areas of the body as they require different levels of support.
  • Spring Airs best known mattress, the Spring Air Back Supporter, makes its debut in the 1960’s, sales doubled within seven years.
  • Spring Air introduces its ‘pillow top’ mattresses in 1973
  • 1988 saw Spring Air bring the use of natural fiber bedding materials such as silk and wool to their top of the line Four Seasons mattress models.
  • In 1991, Spring Air introduced their proprietary foam product, ‘Conforma’ foam which conforms to the back, shoulders, and neck.  Spring Air also began combining latex foam and innerspring mattress technology to make mattresses that provide more comfort and support.
  • 1999 saw the introduction of the ultra premium Back Supporter Comfort Caress collection, pitching it with the tag line: “Better Comfort, Better Quality, Better Value.”
  • 2000 brought the introduction of the foam encased perimeter design: “Foam Encased Wireless Edge”.  The new design provides more support, more comfort, and more edge to edge sleep surface.

The last decade was somewhat turbulent for Spring Air, having gone through bankruptcy and re-organization a couple of times.  The most recent incarnation appeared when Spring Air filed bankruptcy in May of 2009 when Consolidated Bedding failed to get the necessary investment funding to keep it afloat.  A newly formed company purchased the remnants of Consolidated Bedding: Spring Air International, located in Boston.  Spring Air International, led by businessman Ed Bates purchased the global rights to all of the Spring Air trademarks and proceeded to re-open the factories just six weeks after they closed.

Current Mattress lines offered by Spring Air:

The Sleep Sense:

  • Four original models- the Ultra Premium Inner springs
  • Four newer Eco-Friendly Plant Based Foam Core designs

All the Sleep Sense designs incorporate an inner core construction of varying heights  at the most critical body points- the shoulders and hips.  Premium comfort layers are inserted directly into the foam to provide relief to the bodies high-pressure areas and give lower back support for a comfortable and restful nights sleep.

The Back Supporter:

Each model in the separate lines share four key attributes: a choice of comfort, a proprietary spring unit, a patented ‘eco-responsible’ base (the same as used in the Sleep Sense lines) and consistent zoning with enhanced back support in all three levels of the sleep set: upholstery, mattress, and base.

  • Value Line– The starting line of the Back Supporter series offers knit fabrics, wool fibers and plush and firm foams in the quilt layers.  Offered in firm, plush or pillow top designs.
  • Total Balance– This mid range mattress series offers the firm, plush and pillow top construction, and is covered with damask or knit fabrics, plush and firm foams and a choice of silk or wool fiber layers.  The upholstery has been stepped up to include the Spring Air exclusive Conforma convoluted foam.
  • Four Seasons– The top of the Back Supporter line is the Four Seasons which is available in the Euro-top and Plush designs.  The bed uses Euro-damask covers and adds cashmere fibers as a third option in the quilt. In addition to other high end foam and latex upgrades, the Four Seasons offers individually encased power coil springs, and an exclusive foam encased wireless edge to expand your sleeping surface by 20% and increase comfort.

Chattam & Wells:

Chattam & Wells products are also produced by Spring Air.  Chattam & Wells has historically been an “Ultra Luxury” line and consequently priced accordingly.  Spring air has repositioned the C & W line as a “More Affordable Luxury” line.  The new line features ultra-high end Belgian damasks, Joma wool fibers and an encased coil in coil spring system.  As like all Spring Air products, it features the company’s sustainable all wood foundation.  Spring Air now fells the Chattam & Wells offers an extraordinary product ands an extraordinary value.

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