TEMPUR-Cloud Collection

TEMPUR-Cloud Collection:

TEMPUR-Cloud Collection is the Tempur-pedic top of the line mattress collection that is designed to give you the feel of a pillowy soft mattress with the responsive support of a Tempur-pedic for a perfect combination of softness and support for a perfectly relaxing sleep experience.

The TEMPUR-Cloud Collection offers:

  • Medium-soft to soft feel
  • TEMPUR-ES material that gently conforms to your body for pillow top comfort
  • Reduced pressure points for less tossing and turning and a more relaxing sleep
  • Tempur-Pedic support that responds to body temperature and weight for customized alignment and a restful sleep

Additionally, the TEMPUR-Cloud collection mattresses all have:

  • Patented One Sided design for no flipping
  • No skid bottom to keep mattress in place
  • Allergen and Dust Mite resistant
  • Pair with Ecru MicroSuede Foundation (sold separately)
  • Compatibility with Ergo adjustable bases

TEMPUR-Cloud offers three mattress options in the series:

TEMPUR-Cloud: Starting at $1,099.00 for a twin, the TEMPUR-Cloud mattress is for sleepers who want to feel like they are sleeping on a cloud.  TEMPUR-Cloud delivers famous Tempur-Pedic support with “floating on a cloud” softness.  The TEMPUR-Cloud has a feel that is medium-soft with medium conformity.  The TEMPUR-Cloud mattress has an 8” profile that is made up of a 1.2” layer of extra soft TEMPUR-ES material, 1.6” of TEMPUR material and has a base layer of 5.2” AirtFlow System.  The TEMPUR-Cloud has a removable and washable Swirl SuperStretch Fabric Cover.

TEMPUR-Cloud Supreme: Starting at $2,099.00 for a Twin, the TEMPUR-Cloud Supreme has a deep support layer offering even more pillowy softness, with body aligning proper spinal support to produce a more rejuvenating nights’ sleep.  The TEMPUR-Clod Supreme has a soft feel with medium conformability.  TEMPUR-Cloud Supreme features an 11” profile with a 2” comfort layer made of extra soft TEMPUR-ES material, 2” of TEMPUR material and a 7” Dual Air Flow System base.  The TEMPUR-Cloud Supreme is covered with a removable and washable Swirl SuperStretch top and bottom with white accent and Ecru MicroSuede sides.

TEMPUR-Cloud Supreme Mattress by Tempur-Pedic

TEMPUR-Cloud Luxe: Starting at $2899.00 for a Twin Long, the TEMPUR-Cloud Luxe offers the most TEMPUR-ES material of any mattress to envelope you in the softest mattress Tempur-Pedic makes while providing the proper spinal support you need to relax and get a truly luxurious sleep.  The TEMPUR-Cloud Luxe has a soft feel and offers medium conformability.  The TEMPUR-Cloud Luxe has a 13” high profile comprised of a 2.75” layer of extra soft TEMPUR-ES material, a 2” support layer of highly conforming TEMPUR-HD material and an 8.25” Dual AirFlow System base layer.  It is covered in a removable and washable fabric cover that features a Swirl SuperStretch top and bottom with white accent piping and Ecru MicroSuede sides.

Tempur-Pedic Top of the line TEMPUR-Cloud Luxe mattress (shown here on bed frame)


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