TEMPUR-HD Collection

TEMPUR-HD Collection-

The Tempur-HD Collection is in Close Out status and has been replaced by the Tempur-Contour Collection which can also be viewed on our site.

The Tempur-pedic TEMPUR-HD Collection offers more TEMPUR cells across the surface to conform more precisely to your body and provide higher relief from pressure points for a medium feel and luxurious, deep sleep.

The TEMPUR-HD Collection offers:

  • Medium-firm to medium-soft feel
  • TEMPUR-HD material highly conforms to your body and cradles you in comfort
  • Reduces pressure points for less tossing and turning for a more relaxing sleep
  • Tempur-pedic support responds to body temperature and weight for customized alignment and restful sleep

Some of the benefits of TEMPUR-HD material include:

  • Perfectly adapts to your body for a truly customized fit
  • Minimizes pressure points to relieve discomfort, reducing tossing and turning and thus providing a more restful/better quality sleep
  • Optimal air flow and breathability responds to your body for more comfort
  • Reduced motion transfer between sleep partners for fewer sleep interruptions
  • Returns to its original shape time after time, and ensures years of use

The Tempur-pedic TEMPUR-HD Collection offers a choice of three models starting at a price of $2,499.00 (Twin Long, not including foundation).

Here is a brief overview of your model options:

TEMPUR-HD RhapsodyBed Mattress

RhapsodyBed: Starting at $2,499.00 for a Twin Long, Rhapsody bed is the perfect combination of style and performance, the mattress has a highly conforming comfort layer, and a medium-firm feel.  The mattress is 12” high and has 1.2” of highly conforming TEMPUR-HD material, 2.8” of TEMPUR material and an 8” Dual AitFlow System base later.  It is covered with a dust mite resistant, removable TEMPUR-Tex fabric cover.  RhapsodyBed will work with either a standard foundation or the adjustable and advanced adjustable Ergo bases.

TEMPUR-HD AlluraBed Mattress

AlluraBed: Starting at $3,399.00 for a Twin Long, the TEMPUR-HD Allura bed has a quilted pillow top comfort layer with a medium comfort feel that highly conforms to your body.  The mattress has a 13.5” pillow topped profile consisting of 2” of highly conforming pillow top TEMPUR-HD material, a 2.8” TEMPUR material support layer and an 8.6” Dual AirFlow System Base Layer, and is covered with a Silk/Bamboo fabric that is allergen and dust mite resistant.  The AlluraBed works with either a standard or adjustable foundation.

TEMPUR-HD GrandBed Mattress

GrandBed: Starting at $6,499.00 for a Queen size mattress, the GrandBed has quilted dual comfort layers that provide cushioned softness for a medium-soft feel that has high conformity, while support layers help you fully relax.  The GrandBed mattress has a 15” profile comprised of a 2” highly conforming TEMPUR-HD material layer PLUS 1.2” of TEMPUR material in the bottom layer.  There is a 4” TEMPUR material Support layer and an 8” Grand Airflow System Base layer.  The cover is a silk-cashmere blend top with diamond-embossed Microsuede sides that is also allergen and dust mite resistant.  The GrandBed’s recommended foundation is the Grand foundation and it is not compatible with adjustable bases.


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