Adjustable Bed

Adjustable Bed and Mattress-

An Adjustable bed is one that has a multi hinged surface on which the mattress lays and can be adjusted so that the mattress will profile to a number of different positions.  Typical adjustments that can be made include tilting of the upper body (torso), raising the knees, adjusting the height and the tilt of the bed for ease of moving the patient or allowing easier getting into or out of bed.

The Adjustable Bed in Hospitals and Homes-

The Adjustable bed is best known and has been in use in the medical industry for a long time.  They have become more common in the home over the last thirty years as they have been found by some sleepers to provide relief from various ailments and pains.  For some individuals with certain types of back problems, sleeping on an adjustable bed may be more comfortable.  A sleeping position that provides a slight incline, placing the upper body in a higher position than the lower, and knee support can take pressure off the lower back. If a patient or individual is comfortable sleeping in a position that is slightly upright, like a recliner chair, then and adjustable bed may be just the option they are looking for.

The types of beds used in homes and hospitals are similar in use and function, but those in hospitals are typically built for more rigorous use and cleaning.  The home versions have more flexibility in use and design, allowing them to better match the typical bedroom furniture that would be found in a home through the use of wood veneer and laminates and more standard mattress type styling.

Adjustable Bed Structure-

The most popular adjustable bed structure is that of a slatted base with twin or triple drive motor.  Mattress support comes from the flexibility of the slats and their elastic frame mountings.

A more advanced option is the fully flexible base, appearing like a box spring, but not having any springs in it.  The fully flexible base provides support to the mattress at every pressure point, and also requires a more powerful motor due to its size and additional weight.  Some consider the fully flexible bases to be more comfortable and provide more support to the mattress that sits on it.  The motors and positioning are usually driven and set by a hand held remote control or ‘wand’.

tempur pedic adjustable bed

Adjustable Bed on a fully flexible box type base

Modern adjustable beds offer a number of advances like a sliding back mechanism called a “Wall Hugger”. This is a design feature of adjustable bed bases that enables the bed to stay in approximately the same position, even when it’s adjusted. So, you are able to remain about the same distance from your night table whether the bed is in sitting or lying position. Many adjustable bed models offer some type of massage feature that either comes with the price of the bed or is optional. The massage feature may offer variable speeds, may work differently on different sides of a dual mattress bed, and can have an automatic shut-off function for safety. Many sellers of adjustable beds offer bed rails as an option. They attach to the side of the bed and adjust as the bed is moved to various positions. They assist the user in getting in and out of bed. Rails are usually available as single rails or in pairs.

The mattress types typically available are Twin, Full, Queen, Dual Queen (split), King, and Dual King (split).

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