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Most of us don’t really think about our mattress, unless it’s uncomfortable, and if that’s the case then it is probably time to think about getting a new one.  Where do you start?  “We Know Mattresses” is where you start!

We Know Mattresses is an independent website designed to help you gather information about the variety of mattress options that are available.  We Know Mattresses should be your first stop in a search for a new mattress.

Our goal is to provide information about what to look for when purchasing a mattress as well as the types of mattresses available, mattress manufacturers, mattress sellers, the best deals on mattresses and the latest innovations and technologies in the mattress and bedding industry.

Mattresses have been around for thousands of years, and luckily for all of us, they have been getting more comfortable.  Mattresses come in a variety of dimensions, sizes, styles, and are made with a variety of coverings and fillings; basically offering a wide range of options to meet almost anyone’s particular need.

We Know Mattresses does not sell mattresses or relevant products and we are not affiliated with any producer, supplier or retailer of mattresses.  We are an independent resource and provider of information for consumers and shoppers who are looking in to or doing research on a mattress purchase.  We collect information and amass it here at We know Mattresses for your use.  You will also find links here to some of the specials available to mattress shoppers via the Ads you see on our pages.  Additionally, as special sales, discounts and industry news comes available to us, we will post here in a further effort to keep you up to date on what is available.  We Know Mattresses does not recommend or endorse any particular mattress or mattress provider, we just hope to provide you information while making your decision.

The team here at We Know Mattresses hope you enjoy learning about mattresses and use the information we are able to provide to make the very best mattress purchase for yourself or someone you know.

Best Regards and Sweet Dreams!, the ‘We Know Mattresses’ team

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