Green Mattress and Eco-friendly Construction

Green Mattress and Eco-friendly Construction-

Like in many industries, there has been an increase in eco-friendly and green mattress products and accessories. Major retailers have launched a number of mattress collections in the last year that are focused on being gentle on the environment as well as attractive to the Green mattress shopper.  In addition to the big names, a host of specialty producers have entered the market by concentrating on natural and organic mattress construction.  As with many industries, the Eco-friendly and ‘Green’ are becoming not only buzz words, but very much in demand.

Here we look at a handful of new Eco-friendly and Green mattress collections that have recently been introduced.

Therapedic International:

Therapedic International has just rolled out, at the Las Vegas Market Show, the new Eco-Touch line of mattresses, four models of eco friendly beds.  The Eco-Touch line is constructed of layers comprised of a unique soy based foam.  The Eco-Touch core is made with a high density soy foam and is topped with a five pound soy based memory foam layer.  The Eco-Touch line uses open cell foam; so it is breathable, allowing a ‘cooler’ sleep feel and more comfort than some other memory foams.  The Therapedic Eco-Touch line has received the Oeko Tex Certificate of Purity.

Spring Airs Green Mattress:

green mattress sleep sense Biomax

The Spring Air Sleep Sense BioMax green mattress

Spring Air– has introduced the Sleep Sense BioMax collection as their offering of a green mattress.  The Sleep Sense BioMax collection has been documented to meet several key environmental standards and has earned a level II seal in the Specialty Sleep Associations Environmental & Safety Program.  The BioMax collection beds feature Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified latex foam and panel fabrics, CertiPUR-US-certified polyurethane foam components, and other eco-friendly components and materials.

The Sleep Sense BioMax line offers a twenty year warranty and retails from $1299 to $2199 in Queen Size.  The beds are encased in a silver infused knit/suede zippered cover, also certified by Oeko-Tex to conatin no harmful substances. The BioMax beds use the Spring Air patented multi-level core design and is designed to deliver support and pressure reduction at strategic body points.  A Celsion latex topper covers the proprietary interlocking design to help disperse body heat and regulate sleep temperature for a more comfortable sleep.

Drematra Mattress Organic Line- predominantly in Ohio- 100% organic wool,  100% organic cotton and all natural latex are used in their mattresses- The new Tranquility and Serenity Classic mattresses

Ergo Sleep Systems:

Ergo Sleep Systems- Berkeley Ca, has the Eco Refresh and Eco Revive mattress collections,  two different kinds of organic mattresses from the Natura Brand- offering organic latex and other organic materials- to help improve quality of your sleep and provide a green mattress.

Eco Refresh– hypoallergenic and made with NaturaGrow wool that does not ‘off gas’- the evaporation of chemicals: 100% certified organic cotton stretch knit ticking, certified organic NaturaGrow wool in quilt, all-natural talalay latex, all natural Dunlop latex in support core, and needle punched coconut coir in support core.

Eco Revive model, plusher with a 7 zone sleep surface: 100% certified organic cotton stretch-knit ticking, certified organic NaturaGrow wool in quilt, all natural Talalay latex topper, 7 zone certified organic Dunlop latex in support core, rubberized coconut coir in support core.

green mattress natura eco revive

The Natura Eco Revive green mattress from Ergo Sleep Systems

Gel Mattresses:

A number of mattress manufacturers will be offering Gel Bedding in the next few months.  Gel Bedding uses gel in various aspects and areas of the mattress including columns, memory foam encased cylinders, gel and memory foam blocks and solid gel pads.  The gel is said to deliver a comfortable cool sleep, and is generally blue in color- to reinforce that suggestion.  Manufacturers developing gel based green mattress products include Serta, ComforPedic, Gold Bond, Kingsdown, and Englander.  Furniture Today offers this full article on the subject.

An Organic or Green mattress offers a healthier alternative as they are not only eco-friendly and safe for those with health issues like asthma and skin conditions, it is also a good mattress for orthopedic purposes.  This will be a growing segment of the market as green and eco friendly manufacturing practices continue to emerge and become not only more popular but economically more sound.

Bed Bugs and College

Bed Bugs and College

Bed Bugs and College, yes it’s that time of year when college kids are heading back to school, some for the first time, some the fourth and some… well, we all go at our own pace.  Many of these students will be living in the dorms, setting up their new rooms and will find, much to their horror, that their new place has been infested by bed bugs.

Bed Bug infestations have been on the rise, and the reasons are not exactly clear as to what this comeback is all about.  The Bed Bugs were practically non existent a few years ago, but have begun to populate homes, high end hotels and yes, Universities.

You can take steps to avoid bed bug infestation by being educated on bed bugs and keeping a trained eye out for evidence they may be lurking where you live.

What are Bed Bugs:

  • Adult Bed Bugs (Cimicidae) are small, flat, wide, brown insects less than ¼ inch long and oval in shape.  An immature bed bug (nymph) resemble the adult, but are smaller and lighter in color.
  • Bed bugs feed exclusively on blood, and they prefer human blood to other animals.  The Bed bug feeds and then leaves it’s host- ie: they don’t live ‘on’ you.  They are nocturnal and hide during the day, they are most active late at night whne they will crawl out to feed.
  • Bed Bugs generally do not transfer diseases.  Their bite may cause itching and creep you out, but they are not considered dangerous from a disease standpoint.
  • Bed bugs get to a new environment by being transferred, they are not wanderers.  If you avoid bed bugs, it is unlikely that you will find yourself with an infestation, but they are great hitchhikers and will transfer from an infested area to one that is not.
  • If you wake up with unexplained bug bites, this could be a sign that you have bed bugs.  You should also keep an eye out for bugs matching the description (and photo) of a bed bug.  Another sign is dark brownish black stains on your mattress as that could be a sign of bed bug infestation.
bed bug life cycle

Life Cycle of the Bed Bug (Cimicidae)

How do you Avoid Bed Bugs in College?

There are a number of things you can do to minimize and avoid the problem of bed bugs in college.

  • Inspect your new room or apartment and this includes inspecting any existing furniture there, including and especially your bed.  Look at the seams, check the frame, headboard and screws.  Does it smell or do you see anything to indicate a bug infestation.  If anything looks amiss, ask for a new one or get your own.
  • Be aware of where you sit. Lay down or hang out.  Are these areas clean, do you see signs of an infestation?  You could pick up a bed bug hitchhiker and bring them back to your place.
  • If you do find evidence of a bed bug infestation, alert your RA who should in turn alert the school and/or the student housing office.
  • Keep your room/area clean; avoid clutter as that is where bed bugs like to hide.
  • Wash your laundry in hot water, any possible bed bugs will be killed in hot water.
  • Buy a mattress protector for extra protection.

Bed Bugs are creepy and can cause you stress.  If you find you have them, the goal is to get them eradicated as quickly as possible from your room.  If you find bed bugs, there are some things you should not do:

  • Do not throw things away or take them from your room.  Items infested with Bed Bugs need to be disposed of properly and if not, they may cause the bed bugs to spread to other areas of your room or the dorm.
  • Do not try and handle the bed bugs on your own.  You could actually make it more difficult for a Pest Professional to deal effectively with the problem.  Advise your RA and student housing, they will get trained experts out to handle the problem.
  • Do not relocate to another room.  Bed bugs are hitchhikers; you run the risk of spreading them to other areas.  Get the right people involved immediately and they can advise and assist you in finding appropriate sleeping facilities.

Have a great time off at college, but be aware of the increasing presence of the pesky bed bug. You need to be aware not only about your room but those of the people you spend time with.  Knowing just these few simple things we have discussed can dramatically decrease your chances of having to deal with a bed bug infestation.


TEMPUR Contour

TEMPUR Contour mattress collection-

Tempurpedic has re-worked its original mattress collection and now their firmest mattress has just gotten better.  The TEMPUR Collection has been re-christened the TEMPUR Contour Collection.  The TEMPUR Contour name suggests how the improved mattress fits the contours of your body.  Tempur Contour has the firmest feel and conforms to your body’s shape to help relieve pressure points and allows you to more fully relax for refreshing sleep.

What the TEMPUR Contour Collection offers:

  • Firm to Medium feel.
  • TEMPUR material that lightly conforms to your body for a mildly-tailored fit.
  • Reduced pressure points for less tossing and turning and a more relaxing sleep.
  • Tempur-Pedic support responds to body temperature and weight for customized alignment and restful sleep.

What’s been improved:

  • More TEMPUR material, for a more comfortable nights sleep
  • More contouring support, for fewer pressure points and more relaxing sleep
  • Beautiful new cover material

TEMPUR Contour Collection beds offered:

  • TEMPUR Contour: A firm mattress with support that lightly contours to your body, letting you relax completely and sleep deeply.
  • TEMPUR Contour Select: Gently conforms to your body for personalized comfort and relief from pressure points for deeply restful sleep.
  • TEMPUR Contour Signature: Perfectly pairs support with a thick TEMPUR comfort layer to help with proper alignment and truly restful sleep.
  • BellaFina Bed: The TEMPUR Contour Collection ultimate choice, combines a firmer feel with Tempur-Pedic support and body conforming comfort for a restful night’s sleep.
  • OriginalBed: Perfect for teenagers, provides the alignment and support a growing body needs.

The TEMPUR Contour collection is essentially the original Tempurpedic collection that is the entry point for the most recommended bed in America, and a great place to start if you are interested in seeing what the Tempur Material/Memory Foam mattress can add to your sleep experience.

tempur contour queen size on adjustable base

tempur contour queen size bed on adjustable base