Perfect Day Mattress

The Perfect Day Mattress by Serta

The Perfect Day mattress by Serta is a premium mattress collection designed to use the latest technology in comfort and support to provide you with a rejuvenating sleep and higher energy levels during the day.  The Perfect Day mattress is designed to address common sleeping problems, allowing for a deeper sleep to leave you more rested during the day.

The Perfect Day mattress features the Free Flex 3D Innerspring with Pillow Soft Coils- designed to provide comfort and support for your whole body.

Serta Perfect Day Free Flex 3D innerspring coils

The Serta Perfect Day mattress also features Serta’s Cool Nature Comfort Quilt Plus- which combines temperature regulating latex foam and fibers to regulate sleep surface temperature for a more comfortable sleep.

Standard Serta Perfect Day mattress features:

  • Cool Nature Comfort Quilt Plus– The system helps reduce pressure points and regulate sleep surface temperature to give you a more comfortable and restful sleep.
  • Free Flex Innerspring with 5 Zone Support– Patented innerspring design is specifically engineered for the human body.  Zones of single and double coil mirror the body’s shape, providing support where it’s needed most.
  • Position Perfect Mattress Handle System– Allows you to easily position and rotate your Perfect Day mattress as needed.
  • Total Edge Foam Encasement– Offering a border rod for increased support around the mattress, creating total edge to edge sleeping surface.

Additional Serta Perfect Day Mattress features:

  • Free Flex 3D Support System with Pillow Sofe Coils– Serta’s most advanced comfort and support system.  Takes the Free Flex 3D innerspring system and tops it with hundreds of individually wrapped Pillow Soft coils that work independently to absorb motion.
  • KoolComfort Memory Foam Cushions– Pressure relieving comfort that promotes a comfortable sleep surface temperature through the night.  Open cell structure of the foam allows it to breathe up to 95% more than traditional memory foams.
  • Serta Memory Foam– Visco Elastic foam conforms to your body and contours to your sleeping position, reducing pressure points for a more comfortable sleep.
  • Serta Smart Support– A medically proven technology that senses when to remain firm and when to release, providing unsurpassed pressure relief, back support and spinal alignment.
  • Serta’s Talalay Latex Cushions– The most advanced, breathable and resilient latex foam today responds instantly for pressure point relief.

Serta Perfect Day mattresses come with a 20 year warranty and are available in the following Comfort Choices:

  • Ultra Cushion Top
  • Pillow Top
  • Euro Top
  • Plush Top
  • Firm

Check out Serta Perfect Day mattresses if you are looking for a premium, restful mattress set that is designed to provide a restful sleep and more energy for you during the day.


The Serta Perfect Sleeper

Serta Perfect Sleeper-

The Serta Perfect Sleeper is Serta’s best selling mattress.

The Serta Perfect Sleeper mattress, a mattress engineered with input from the National Sleep Foundation, has been improved to help solve 5 common sleep problems:

  • Tossing and Turning
  • Lack of Support- which leads to back pain
  • Sleeping too ‘hot’ or ‘cold’
  • Partner disturbance
  • Mattress roll-off or sag
The new Perfect Sleeper is designed with unique features to help address all 5 of these common sleep issues.

What is Unique about Serta Perfect Sleeper?

To set their mattress apart, Serta puts a lot of effort in to building every Serta perfect sleeper mattress.  Value and comfort come from the superior comfort and support features, including:

  • Advanced Comfort Quilt
  • Continuous Support Innerspring
  • Total Edge Foam Encasement
  • StabL-Base Double Beam Foundation

Serta Perfect Sleeper Features:

Standard Features-

  • Total Edge Foam Encasement: Stronger edge with more surface creates a total edge to edge sleeping experience- creating more sleeping space for you.
  • StabL-Base Double Beam Fundation: Unique foundation construction provides consistent support across the bottom of the mattress.
  • Continuous Support Innerspring: Provides superior support along the entire length of the body and works to maintain proper spinal alignment all night long.
  • Advanced Comfort Quilt: A patented quilt layer design that delivers superior comfort at the sleep surface.

Additional Available Features-

  • Serta Latex Foam: Serta’s latex foam instantly responds to your body for immediate comfort and then throughout the night.  Latex foam is breathable and resilient, allowing it to ‘sleep cool’, is naturally antimicrobial and hypoallergenic.
  • Serta Memory Foam: Space age, Visco-elastic memory foam gently conforms and contours to your body’s sleeping position, reducing pressure points that can lead to tossing and turning.

Serta Comfort Choices-

Comfort is what you feel on the surface when you lie down.  Support is what comes from the innerspring or foam core in the mattress.  The fewer comfort layers there are, the closer you sleep to the support system.  Comfort choices available for the Serta Perfect Sleeper line include:

  • Serta Pillow Top Mattresses
  • Serta Euro Top Mattresses
  • Serta Plush Mattresses
  • Serta Firm Mattresses

Serta Perfect Sleeper mattresses are offered in sizing ranging from Twin and Twin XL to California King and come with 10 year warranties.

serta perfect sleeper and the national sleep foundation

The new Serta Perfect Sleeper was developed with input from the National Sleep Foundation

Sealy offers Stearns and Foster-

Sealy- Stearns and Foster Mattress Collection-

The Stearns and Foster name has been in bedding for over 160 years and has been a pioneer in luxury bedding.  Sealy acquired Stearns and Foster in 1983 and has used Stearns and Foster as their high end luxury brand of innerspring mattresses.

Stearns and Foster Mattresses are offered in three models:

  • Stearns and Foster Traditional
  • Limited Edition Silver Dream
  • Limited Edition Golden Elegance

All three collections come with 10 year warranties.

Stearns and Foster Traditional:

Starting at $1299.00 for a Queen set, the Stearns and Foster traditional model offers luxury, style, craftsmanship and fine details.

Options for the Stearns and Foster Traditional model-

  • Design– Choose from two luxurious looks options: Rich Caramel hue or the Rich Mocha hue.  Both offer fine fabrics, luxury, and detailed stylings.
  • Comfort– Variable Response Technology: A standard feature providing a soft yet resilient responsiveness delivering support and all over comfort.
  • Innerspring Coil Systems– Two offered, an Individually wrapped option or, the unique Stearns and Foster Intellicoil system.
  • Durability– Stearns and Foster comes standard with a seamless edge system, and a solid Box Spring foundation.

Limited Edition Silver Dream:

With Queen sets starting at $2999.00, the Stearns and Foster Silver Dream is a step up in luxury and detailed styling: more comfort, more support and craftsmanship.

  • Intellicoil with foam encasement– a patented individually wroapped coil in a coil design.
  • New Zealand Joma Wool– Natural insulation provided by a specialty wool that brings resilience and pressure relieving comfort.
  • Natural Latex– Two inches of latex support that adds comfort and breathability.
  • Cashmere infused woven fabric– a silver tone pattern and picture frame styling.
  • Hand Tufted Finish– A unique stitching design adding yet another stylish detail.
  • Cotton/Wool Blend– Combing the breathability of cotton and the resilience of wool- the best of both fibers.

Limited Edition Golden Elegance:

With Queen sets starting at $3999.00, combining the finest materials and technology, it is hard to find more inspiring craftsmanship or detail than in the Stearns and Foster Limited Edition Golden Elegance.

  • Intellicoil with foam encasement innersprings– unprecedented comfort and deep support
  • New Zealand Joma Wool– Natural insulation provided by a specialty wool that brings resilience and pressure relieving comfort.
  • Natural Latex– Three inches of latex support that adds even more comfort and breathability.
  • White Cashmere/White Wool blend– A step up from the Silver Dream, providing the finest fibers with lightweight resilience.
  • Cashmere/Silk/Merino- Wool infused woven fabric– Premier fabrics found only in the Golden Elegance.
  • Hand Tufted Finish– A unique stitching design adding yet another stylish detail.

Stearns and Foster is Sealy’s brand collection that blends luxury, style and craftsmanship to provide a top of the line innerspring mattress sleeping experience.

sealy presents stearns and foster

Stearns and Foster Luxury Mattresses