Tempur-Breeze Technology

Tempur-Breeze Technology

Tempur-pedic continues to lead the way with its Tempur-Breeze technology.

Tempur-breeze works in three ways:

1)   Provides extra coolness where the body touches the mattress

2)   Helps regulate body heat for a more comfortable temperature throughout the night

3)   Channels heat away from the mattress

The Tempur-Breeze cover feels cool to the touch and wicks away moisture and heat from the body of the sleeper.

Tempur-Breeze featured in two new mattresses

The new Tempur-Breeze technology is featured in two new mattresses recently unveiled:

  • Tempur-Cloud Supreme Breeze
  • Tempur-Rhapsody Breeze

Tempur-pedic has been an industry leader in sleep climate optimization and the new beds offered bring the comfort, support and no motion transfer benefits that make Tempir-Pedic mattresses what they are today.  These new beds take an extra step in providing more comfort to those consumers who may ‘sleep hot’ and can use additional cooling mechanisms for total sleep comfort.

The new Tempur-Cloud Supreme Breeze and Tempur-Rhapsody Breeze will be available at retailers and via the Tempur-Pedic website beginning this month- September 2012.

The Tempure-Cloud Supreme Breeze offers an extra soft Tempur-Feel and Queen sets will retail for $3,499.

The Tempur-Rhapsody Breeze offers a medium-firm, deep Tempur-Feel and a Queen set will retail for $3,999.

Tempur-pedic brings you tempur-breeze technology

Tempur-Pedic brings you Tempur-Breeze technology

Keetsa TwinXL

Keetsa TwinXL-

The Keetsa TwinXL is brought to you by Keetsa, an eco-friendly company committed to presenting a complete line of sleep products that have minimum impact on the environment.  Keetsa continuously works towards new innovations to create sleep products that families can purchase with confidence.   Keetsa seeks to recycle and use products with recycled materials, create a lower carbon footprint with low to zero emission products, and create a heightened awareness of sustainability.

The Keetsa TwinXL Denim Fabric mattress recently caught our eye and we wanted to bring it to your attention.

keetsa twinxl denim mattress

The Keetsa TwinXL Denim Mattress

Keetsa TwinXL:

The Keetsa TwinXL is a memory foam mattress with a Denim cover and is being brought to you in a ‘Back to School’ promotion being pitched as a great college mattress!

The Keetsa TwinXL is comprised of:

  • The Core- The combination of recyclable memory foam and other supportive foams creates a body conforming contour to cradle you with a pressure free sleep environment on your Keetsa TwinXL.
  • BioFoam- Memory foam made with a blend of natural and synthetic materials.  A portion of the synthetic aspect has been replaced with plant oil to reduce the need for chemicals and emission of harmful off-gassing.
  • All-Natural Ingredient- Everall natural green tea, is infused into the memory foam for lasting odor control (it will smell nice longer!).
  • The Cover- The Keetsa TwinXL cover is made from a 100% Cotton Denim fabric which is durable and stylish
  • Feel and Comfort- Keetsa TwinXL has medium firmness and comfort with pressure free support.
  • The Keetsa TwinXL complies with the federal fire safety standard and is free from PBDE’s.

Easy to buy and ship:

The Keetsa TwinXL comes conveniently packaged and ready to be opened and unrolled- Yes unrolled.  It is shipped in a rolled up package and then when opened, expands to it’s natural size.  This could not be easier to use for a college bound teen who needs to save on room as much as possible.

You can learn more about Keetsa and the Keetsa TwinXL mattress here.

Simmons Beautyrest: Anatomy of a Re-Branding

Simmons Beautyrest Re-Branding

Simmons Beautyrest- Living Life Fully Charged is the new national branding presented by the Simmons Bedding Company.

simmons beauty rest new logo

Simmons Beautyrest New Logo: Living Life Fully Charged

January 30, 2012 Simmons Bedding Company formally introduced its complete brand transformation, setting the stage for the company’s national advertising campaign- the largest in the history of the Beautyrest brand and the bedding lines offered.

Simmons Bedding Company is betting the house on its Beautyrest brand.  They have rolled out a new suite of mattress lines all flying under the Beautyrest Umbrella.

Beautyrest Marketing:

As part of the overall rebranding initiative, the online presence of Simmons has even changed to reflect the new Beautyrest name and brand.  Simmons.com has now become Beautyrest.com and the Simmons Bedding Company facebook community, as of May 29, 2012 asks that you follow the Facebook Beautyrest Brand community.

Beautyrest Mattress Models/Lines:

Beautyrest is now offering five model lines, two that reach out to the value conscious consumer, yet offer the innerspring coil designs that Simmons has become famous for, and three premium lines featuring their new Beautyrest Recharge Sleep System.

Traditional Beautyrest models offering quality and value-

  • Beautyrest Classic
  • Beautyrest Elite

And three premium lines built around the new Beautyrest Recharge Sleep System:

  • Beautyrest Black
  • Beautyrest TruEnergy
  • Comforpedic from Beautyrest

These Simmons Beautyrest lines are built around and include the Beautyrest Recharge Sleep System.  Recharge blends the cutting edge sleep technologies of AirCool Memory Foam, AirCool Design, and Independent Support Technology to provide a sleep system that helps consumers recharge themselves to ensure they are living a “Life Fully Charged”.

It will be fun and interesting to see how the Rebranding goes for Simmons Beautyrest.  This could be a fascinating case study for us to follow in the coming months.  Those of you of a certain age will remember such rebranding changes as Datsun to Nissan, Coke to New Coke, and Comcast to Xfinity- some of these with greater success than others.  The advantage that Simmons Beautyrest has is the fact that Beautyrest is it’s best-known product and that there is a built in familiarity with the name and what it stands for.