Beautyrest Recharge Sleep System

Beauty Rest Recharge Sleep System-

Beautyrest by Simmons has introduced the new Beautyrest Recharge sleep system that will leave you feeling fully charged.  In January of this year, Simmons announced a brand transformation and made a commitment to consumers to help them lead a “Life Fully Charged”.  This has set the table for the Beautyrest Recharge Sleep System.

Simmons even went so far recently as to release a list of the cities most in need of a recharge– is it a surprise to anyone that Las Vegas was at the top of the list at #1?

The Beautyrest Recharge sleep system is comprised of:

Fusion of Air Cool Memory Foam- designed to dissipate heat while providing freedom of movement and pressure relief

Beauty Rest pocketed coils- independent support and conform to your bodies unique shape

Air Cool Design- begins with proprietary ventilated foam edge for airflow to dissipate heat and add comfort.

The Beautyrest Recharge sleep system consists of air cooled memory foam that is layered on top of the genuine beautyrest pocketed coils system to provide comfort and promote proper sleeping posture all night long.  The mattress also features a Unique mesh fabric surround that adds breathability and airflow.

Beautyrest Recharge Components:

AirCool Memory Foam: Features an open cell structure to help dissipate heat and keep your body at your ideal sleeping temperature.  The special design conforms to your body and provides superior pressure point relief and freedom of movement.  Some models also feature AirCool Memory Foam with GelTouch for even greater pressure relief and comfort.

Beautyrest Independent Support Technology: A dual action design to enhance conformability and give you independent back support.  The tapered top delivers initial comfort and contouring while a barrel-shaped lower section provides progressive layers of personalized support- promoting proper sleeping posture.

AirCool Design: Consists of components working together to allow the bed to breathe and keep you at the perfect sleeping temperature.  With the AirCool Memory Foam, the design includes AirCool BeautyEdge Foam Encasement with the ventilated design to enhance airflow through the mattress while you sleep. A high-tech AirCool Mesh Border Fabric with Breathable Surround allows your mattress to breathe easier for a more comfortable sleep.

beautyrest recharge sleep system air-cool design

Beautyrest Recharge Sleep System AirCool Design

The Beautyrest Recharge sleep system delivers the comfort you want and the support your body needs and is available in all Beautyrest TruEnergy, Beautyrest Black and Comforpedic from Beautyrest beds.

Green Mattresses- tips on what to look for

Green Mattresses:

Green Mattresses are now a standard part of most manufacturers model lines.  They provide consumers with healthy, comfortable, eco-friendly, sleep alternatives.  What should you be on the lookout for when shopping for a Green mattress?

Green or ‘eco-friendly’ products cover a lot of territory:

  • Make up of the component parts
  • How the materials are produced
  • Where they are produced, and the impact on the environment during the production of the materials
  • Health impact on the consumer
  • Ease of recycling and re-use of materials at the end of the products life

Here we offer some thoughts on what to ask about when you start research and shopping for green mattresses.

Green Mattress Materials-

Green mattresses use natural latex, which comes from rubber trees.  Natural latex is hypoallergenic and resistant to mold, mildew and dust mites, as well as renewable and doesn’t endanger the trees.

green mattresses use natural latex

Green Mattresses use rubber to make natural latex

The down side is that rubber tree plantations and farms can have an impact on the natural habitat in the rain forests where they grow.

Non- Green Materials:

There is also Synthetic Latex, not a material generally used in green mattresses, as synthetic latex is made with chemicals and petroleum products.

Memory Foam is a polyurethane product and full of chemicals- memory foam has begun appearing in some fashion in many new mattresses.

Green Mattress Fire Retardants-

Fire retardants are mandatory in mattress construction as a safety precaution.  Green mattresses make use of natural fire retardant components like bamboo, phosphates, borax, wool or even sand.

In most mattresses, chemicals are used as fire retardants.  Most non green mattresses are treated with toxic fire retardant chemicals that can pose health risks such as breathing problems, obesity and reproductive issues.

Green Mattresses ‘Natural’ Components-

Are ‘Natural’ components like wool and cotton free of chemicals and pesticides?  Have the sheep raised to produce the ‘natural’ wool been raised on land treated with pesticides, fungicides and other harmful chemicals?

What to look for in Green mattresses-

  • Unbleached or organic cotton for the outer parts of the mattress.
  • A fire barrier (required by law) made of wool, sand, bamboo, or other non chemical component.
  • Foams made from natural plant oils

Green Mattresses conclusion-

Green mattresses are generally made of high quality components and materials.  When purchasing a high quality green mattress you are likely to get a better quality of ‘green’ and it will last longer- less mattresses to recycle or toss away.

Bellagio at Home Mattress Collection

Bellagio at Home mattress by Serta

Bellagio at Home mattress collection by Serta brings you the opulence and contentment that are hallmarks of your Bellagio luxury hotel experience.   Serta is the #1 Hotel mattress supplier in the country and is proud to bring you a great nights sleep.

The Bellagio hotel in Las Vegas, originally built by Steve Wynn, is known as the original of the high-end luxury vacation resorts.  The Bellagio now offers a full line of Bellagio at Home products for the luxury seeking high end consumer.  They are based on the offerings at the Bellagio Resort in Las Vegas and the special refinement sought after by those who frequent this world class destination.

Now you have the opportunity to combine and recreate this elegant experience with the Bellagio at Home Mattress Collection by Serta.

bellagio at home mattress

Bellagio at Home Mattress is part of a larger Bellagio at Home line

Bellagio at Home brings you:

The Bellagio at Home mattress collection features:

  • Cool Nature Temperature Regulating Quilted Latex foam
  • Premium Support System
  • Beautiful finish with Cashmere fabric
  • Only available at Nationwide/Furniture Smart retailers in the United States

Standard Bellagio at Home Mattress Features:

  • 800 Continuous Support Innerspring– Providing superior support along the entire length of your body to help maintain proper spinal alignment.
  • Total Edge Complete Foam Encasement– Serta’s most advanced encasement design surrounds the entire Free Flex 3-D support system with high-density foam rails to provide maximum edge support.
  • Luxury Fabric with Cashmere– Each Bellagio at Home mattress by Serta id exquisitely tailored and finished with luxury cashmere fabric.
  • The Serta Mattress 10 Year Non-Prorated Warranty

Additional Bellagio at Home Mattress Features:

  • Cool Nature Temperature Regulating Latex Foam– Cool Nature is the new temperature regulating foam made naturally from the sap of a rubber tree.  It responds to your body by absorbing and releasing heat as needed, to create the ideal temperature on your sleeping surface.  Cool Nature Latex responds instantly to your body for superior pressure relief where your body needs it most for greater comfort throughout the night.
  • Memory Foam– Serta’s Visco-Elastic Memory Foam gently conforms to your body and contours to your sleeping position to surround you in cradling comfort.  The memory foam helps reduce the pressure points that cause you to toss and turn.
  • Latex Foam- Serta’s Latex Foam instantly responds to your body for comfort the moment you lie down.  This Latex foam is extremely breathable and resilient.  Serta Latex is naturally antimicrobial and hypoallergenic for a healthier nights sleep.

If you are a seeker in High End luxury and have the necessary taste and means to make this a part of your life style, check put the Bellagio at Home mattress collection by Serta.